Source D:
Solid State Recorder --- Core Sound Binaurals/120 > Microtracker 24/96 (@24bit/48kHz)
Transfer: USB > WAV > CEP2.0 > CD Wave > FLAC [8]
Location: Main Floor, Section D, Row 18 (right of soundboard area)
Taper:      Geordy
Gen:         0 from Master
MP3 Sample:
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Notes: The taper & I were nearly all the way back on the floor (in seats). Really, a very poor location to see a concert &/or record from. There were some very annoying Tool fans hooting + hollering &, of course, talking through WFM but these are what you expect when you have shite seats. MJK also messed up the beginning of The Pot by coming in too early. Now, you may wonder how does this recording sound? This is a very crisp sounding recording that definitely should not be as enjoyable as it is due to our location. The vocals are very in-your-face & sound is rather up-front for a recording taped from a distance away from the stack. My own opinion is that this sounds more like a Cardioid recording than an omni. It should be noted that this is definitely not how the majority of CSB recordings sound. He got very lucky. And, it should be said, he has tested his skill for a while & it pays off. There was also a massive amount of EQ applied to this creation. Highly recommended.

Setlist / Quote:

<Bass Drone>

"Lighten Up. Here we are in Mich...again."



The Pot
Forty Six & 2
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned
Wings For Marie
10,000 Days

"Ohio was louder. Fuck, even Kansas was louder. I thought I was in Detroit."


"Thank you, good night."


"Anyway. Gotta wrap this up. I've got a bunch of internet porn I've got to get back to."