Source A:
DAT --- Danish Pro Audio 4061 > MPS6030 > Sony PCM-M1 (Oade Mod II) @ 48 kHz
Transfer: Other than sample, currently not mastered as it is still on DAT
Location: Main Floor, Section S, Row 18 (front of board, ~25)
Taper:      Galen
Gen:         Master Recording
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MP3 Sample (Stinkfist - complete sample / big file):
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Notes: As of 12/2006, this is available for download via a torrent @ dimeadozen.org. Link: Click Here. Please enjoy responsibly & keep this 'alive' as long as possible. You will hear a few instances, particularly in Stinkfist, where there is some microphone phasing & otherwise weird occurrences. This is minimal & is primarilly found on this song which is why it is the sample, since that has the most 'issues' so to speak. Also, I was near a fan that rotated - at some points, you can slightly hear some wind-noise or what sounds like very subtle static during very quiet parts. I am quite happy with the overall quality in sound of this show, I hope collectors & fans will find it to be a good addition to their collections & will burn to CD to listen to it other than have this sit on a hard drive. A friend of mine completely mixed & EQ'd this source from the DAT-M, I like the results, so I release it as is. I do not know what was used (software).
Notes: Driving from outside the boundaries of upper-west metro Detroit, MI to Cleveland, OH (then back in one day/night) is not the most pleasant of occasions one can drive, especially solo in a Volkswagen with no CD player. Oh but we do get by, don't we? This performance took place in a venue that felt quite a bit more intimate than the Auburn Hills performance three nights prior & my own seats were closer to the stage. Having met up with another taper at the show, Smagmapig, to finding out that our taping positions were in the same row, dead-center, main floor as each other was rather interesting. Strange how things occur, isn't it? I found this performance to be solid, intense & definitely enjoyable... however, Rosetta Stoned is very much "f**k'd up... after the main scream at around 8:20 or so (CD time) the band appear to go in 2 directions at once. Adam is following Justin & Danny... MJK misses a verse. Instead of the "I-aaaaaaah can't remember what they said" part, MJK says "shit the bed" which apparently messed up the cues for the other band members and, just for a second, it sounds like the song is about to fall apart. However, as you may notice, the band is experimenting a little with this tune as there are some alternative/experimental aspects including a bass line w/no guitar but w/vocals. Definitely interesting, however, part of it fell apart. Rather than discuss the intricacies of this capture/source, I will let others be the judge & enjoy as you will. Hopefully the above sample will give an indication of the quality of this recording/source. There are a few instances of weird phasing (a strange mic connection or something), the worst of it is in the sample aforementioned in this paragraph.
Notes:  The sound check consisted of: Stinkfist, Wings For Marie, 10,000 Days, Right In Two, Stinkfist (to second chorus); as heard outside venue.





<bass drone>

'Wake Up'


'Not...just Ohio, but Cleveland Ohio'

The Pot

'You awake now?'

46 & 2
 Lost Keys (Blame Hoffman)
Rosetta Stoned
Wings for Marie/10,000 Days/Wings pt. 2


'Detroit was louder. Fuck, y'all, even Columbus was louder. I hate sayin' so. Out of pure pity, we'll play more.'


'Well alright. Peace out'