Source B:
Solid State Recorder --- Sound Professionals omni mono (line limiter) > Samsung I-730 Pocket PC Phone (using vito sound explorer software)
Location: Sec 225, Row G, Seat 5 / Stage Left, directly facing the mid-left stack.
Transfer:  Recorded as 16 bit 44khz mono .wav to one 1GB SD flash card USB Transfer to hard drive.
DC++ transfer of files for mastering Editing/Mastering by Tooligan with CEP DC++ transfer back to original computer. Flac level 6 & align on sector boundaries with FLAC Frontend
Taper: scorpiopulse
MP3 Sample:
Right click & save

Notes - by Taper: Ok, so here it is...my virgin recording. I'll leave the title open for discussion.... it is multi-layered in meaning, and should be quite perfect to describe this recording. Due to the numerous glitches and distortions throughout, I'm going to have to label this one "Collectors Only"  This release is merely for me to cross the threshhold from leecher to "Dude who taped" It may not qualify me as a taper, but it will not be my last. The equipment used is obviously not the standard  type of recording gear, but at least I walked out with more than an overpriced T-shirt and ringing ears. Grand thank you to sixftunda for the equipment loan, and the place to crash while I was visiting Ohio. We saw Tool and Roger Waters that week, and it's an experience I'll never forget. Big thanks also to Tooligan for being objective enough to master this frankenstein of a recording. This wouldn't have been released without his work. Great job, T, given what you had to work with, man! (See tooligan's notes.txt for synopsis) Please,  Blame me (Scorp) for the pre-existing and uncorrectable problems. I do plan to gather some appropriate equipment for upcoming shows. It is possible that I may take it upon myself to remaster this sometime in the future. Enjoy -Scorp / Tooligan: I removed most if not all of the clicks, pops, and drop outs from all of the songs. I enhanced the low end to give it more bass, then doubled the mono recording and adjusted the stereo field. On 46&2, there was a bit of a drop out @ 0:39.574, I tried correcting this by fading the cuts out and in. It makes for a smoother transition. Jambi is a bit over heavy, but may be due to the soundboard levels they were running for that song, but still sounds good. Rosetta Stoned has a bit of level/mic problems about 3:32-3:35 into the track. The is also a few minutes of crowd noise before Wings, if you plan on cutting making RS the last song on CD1 you could edit some of this out... just a thought. As you know, Lateralus, Vicarious, and Ænema suffer from some major problems. I believe I have corrected most of the clicks, pops, and drop outs that could be fixed. There are some that could not be repaired. The sound is still brickwalled at times and a bit distant sounding, but I think it is the best compromise I could make given the
problems. There are some parts where the levels go up and down. Let me know what ya think, and feel free to make any further adjustments you want to make. Thanks for letting me help you with this project. - tooligan- grendelator@yahoo.com

Notes - by Galen: The taper labels this recording as for "collector's only"; honestly, I think that is being a bit hard on this recording. It may not be of excellent caliber &, yes, you can hear some microphone deficiencies however the end result is a completely listenable recording. Look at the source information, please explain to me how this recording is even remotely listenable... try. Well, I bet a lot has to do with the EQ by Tooligan. The end result is, at the very least, a decent recording. There are other better audio recordings of this show "out there", however, this is nothing to completely disregard. Props to the taper & Tooligan for the great EQ job.

"Detroit was louder. Shit, Columbus was louder - and that's not saying much."




CD 1
Setlist / Quote:

The Pot
Forty Six & 2
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned
Wings For Marie
10,000 Days

CD 2