Source A-1 - Rawson:
Sony CCD-TRV940 w/Sound Professional mics
Source A-2 - POTVIN / grassyknollgunman: Canon ZR-200 (filmed in 16:9)
Matrix / Editing: Rawson
Image from DVD (A-1): Here
Image from DVD (A-2): Here

Notes - by Taper: My first attempt at filming a TOOL show went pretty well- managed to get my best friends CANON ZR-200 into the show,and although I had a floor ticket, I decided against that as a filming location. So I wandered over to the first level, pretty much straight back, section 123, row X, and settled in. Since I didn't have a ticket for this seat, I worried that I could be ushered out of there in the middle of my recording. Well, as luck would have it, a young TOOL fan came running up the stairs, telling me he had just been caught trying to sneak onto the floor. So I asked him where his seat was-" Right here", he said. "Well why don't you give me your seat, and I'll give you my floor ticket" I said. His jaw hit the ground in disbelief, we swapped tickets, and we both came away very happy. I chose to film in true 16x9 widescreen for a couple reasons, I think it looks great, especially watching on a widescreen TV, and I didn't think anyone had filmed a TOOL show in this format yet. As the show began, and MJK told the crowd to 'wake up', I was ready. Turns out the first few songs were very shaky- but I got steadier as the concert went on. My battery went dead 2 seconds after Vicarious ended, so I closed up shop, and rocked out to Aenema. When I checked my footage later that night, reality set in- the shakiness in the beginning drove me nuts, and the sound was horrible. That's when I discovered RAWSON's clip on YOUTUBE. I sent him a message suggesting we combine our footage into a 2-cam mix- he agreed, mixed it, and this DVD is the result....enjoy!
Notes - by Galen: Well, this is the first time I've ever seen a "bootleg" DVD with an advertisement on it (note: advertisement is for a band). A cool menu pops up as well complete with an option for chapters. The DVD relies primarily on Rawson's A-1 source for the back bone of the recording however this is enhanced by many professionally-spliced footage of A-2. Rawson's video could very well stand on it's own as it's own source. The A-2 filmed in widescreen is a bit shaky compared with A-1 but there is some improvement with the visuals... at the very least it is interesting. The taper of A-2 mentions that this is the only widescreen video of Tool known to exist when in reality the only other one that I am aware of (as of 04/2007) is one of 1999 Coachella videos. Together, as a matrix, this is a rather interesting video to sit back & enjoy Tool too. The performance was, well, as exciting as the other 20 or so performances exactly like it night-to-night with the only variance being the Stinkfist yell. This may very well be the best video of this leg; at least as a matrix. The audio is also sourced from Rawson's source as, apparently, A-2 source is distorted.

"Wake Up"




Setlist / Quote:

The Pot
Forty Six & 2
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned
Wings For Marie
10,000 Days