Source A:
DAT ---- Sony ECM-MS907 > Sony TCD-D8 (via mic-in)
Transfer: DAT>Cool Edit Pro (via line-in)>Wave>Flac Level 6
Taper: Al (moderndaywarrioir)
MP3 Sample:
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Notes - by Taper: My 4th time seeing Tool (my first taping them) and they just keep blowing me away everytime I see them! They are definately pushing the envelope as far as live performance is concerned. I really hope someone caught this on video because the visuals are stunning. I got there late on ISIS' opening set and only managed to catch their last song. I've included that here as filler on the second disc. If anyone who knows ISIS can provide me with the song name, that would be great. Also anyone who is good with artwork can creat some nice art that would also be great. Trade freely and enjoy.
Notes - by Galen: Must admit, when I realized that the microphones used to capture this clean, clear but predictable performance by Tool my gut reaction was "no way". However, the end result is a recording worth checking out however it is debatable how long this source will gain in your CD changer. Kudos to the taper. If nothing else, the included radio adds are definitely interesting!

"Jersey, how ya fuckin' doin'?"




CD 1
Setlist / Quote:

Tool Radio Add #I
Tool Radio Add #II
The Pot
Forty Six & 2
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned

CD 2

Wings For Marie
10,000 Days