Source A:
Hi-Mini Disc --- Aiwa microphone (model # unknown) > Sony MZ-N910
Transfer: WinMD > WaveEditor > flac(4)
Dissemination: FLAC > Dimeadozen.org (11/2006)
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Notes - by Taper: Remember remember the fifth of November... Enjoy.
Notes - by Galen: As a recording, I find this to lack bass, be very loud & distort at certain points due to the microphones and/or recorder over-loading AKA brik-walling. With so many other high quality recordings from this tour widely available, listening to this source is not all that much fun. It is nominal at best - the high-end level of distortion is exceptionally annoying. Although much better than my own initial experiences with taping, this source is probably going to be best left for colletctor's. Please keep in minf that I am comparing the sound of this source with others from 2006, if this was something from 1996 (for example) then this review might be quite a bit different. As everything, this is merely my own perception, you may have a great appreciation for this recording. It is great when people record then share a live recording but in this day & age there really is not excuse for a mediocre recording. At some point either the taper or someone extremely close to the taper just sort of let's out a series of yelps - that distorts as well. When this was torrented on dimeadozen.org, I asked the taper what microphone model # he used, he could not answer as he did not know. Performance wise, the only variation in regards to the setlist from gigs earlier in the year with this one are non-existent. The order of a few songs are changed slightly but that is about it. 

"Thank you very much for coming down. Hopefully we'll see you at the end of next summer. Somewhere nice and bright and sunny outside. Until then..." <into Ænema>




Time: 1:31:34
Setlist / Quote:

The Pot
46 & 2
Lost Keys
 Rosetta Stoned
encore break