Source A:
iRiver --- AT933's > SP-SPSB-1 @ 95Hz > iRiver H120
Transfer: River H120 > USB > HD > FLAC (dimeadozen.org / 11/2006)
Taper:     SkttrWave
Gen:         0
MP3 Sample:
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Notes - by taper: This is not a flawless recording unfortunately. There's some distortion. Not clipping, so it was beyond my control. I've also noticed a couple of strange skips in the recording: d1t02 6:18 + d1t06 2:34 There could be more but I haven't spotted them yet. These are maybe caused  by missing frames due to a flaw in the recording code of my rockbox build (2006-11-04). All in all I think this still is an ok recording.
Notes - by Galen: I concur that this is an ok recording. I find the vocals to be hidden in the mix throughout, not sure if this is part of the mix from the board or something with the recording. The bass can sometimes be almost overwhelming. At times, this teeters on bottoming-out although it does not get to that point thankfully. There seem to be more of a mid-range feel to the sound versus a defined high-end. It is a good pull for the equipment used, that is for sure. Many iRiver recordings tend to just not have a lot of 'life' to them. Sure, they may be kind of sleek but it is more of a novelty-type of recording rather than something that will stick around. As for the performance, I will refrain from saying anything other than "that looks like a warm-up tour setlist". But that would sound kind of snobby, eh?

Maynardism: "Thank you very much for coming out. We'll see you again next summer. I'll be wearing a mask then. A bigger mask. Good night. Look out for each other on the way home. See you soon"




CD 1
The Pot
Forty Six & 2
Rosetta Stoned

CD 2