Source A:
Mini DV -- Unspecified Mini DV Recording
Transfer: ?
Taper:  Master8UK
Gen: ? from Master
Image from DVD - Stage:  Here
Image from DVD - Danny:

Notes: Hmm. For those that do not know, the filmer of this show goes by a moniker of Master8UK - he had (or may still) a stall in Camden Locks, London, England across form the old Dingwalls club called Duska Discs 'too good to bin'. I know this as I purchased a Tool video of the first night of the Brixton Academy 2001 show and a Belle & Sebastian video from the Royal Albert Hall back in July 2001. Holy shit - that was a while ago now wasn't it? Anyway. This fella is nice but he is actually a bootlegger, meaning, he films concerts & sells them for money. I am 100% against this & refrained from purchasing anything further from him when I made it back to the States. That said, the only reason this video is even out is that someone else down the line paid for it. Is that good or bad? Well it is what it is. Anyway. Starting with the cover of 10K Days, the menu is broken up into thirds on the main screen. The audio is very tinny & is less than stellar, all around. The video on the other hand is exceptionally clean throughout. Filmed from the extreme upper-right, side of stage, this video does offer a rather unique angle of the band. There are many close-ups of the four members; particularly of Danny. For those that saw the band from the floor missed the mini light show on the white stage; that was actually cool to watch. So, in the end, good filming, not good audio but at least its not brickwalled & one should not support bootleggers.

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Swamp Song
Lost Keys/Rosetta Stoned
The Pot
Wings for Marie
10,000 Days