Source A:
Hi-Mini Disc --- Church Audio Cardioids > GGBattBox@69hz > Sony MZ-RH910 MD (Line-In, Hi-SP Mode)
Transfer: MD > PC (via Sonicstage) > Adobe Audition v1.5 (Normalized) > CDWave (Track Splits) > WAV. > Traders Little Helper > FLAC (Level 6).
Taper:      Simon_LDT
Gen:         0 from Master
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes - by Taper: Sadly, as you can see this source is incomplete. It seems that the battery in my MD had run out in under 1hr, which is very frustrating (never had it happen before). I assume the battery is faulty so I'll be replacing that for any future recordings. First off, this show was killer!! The band were tight and the sound was clean and crisp. Everything was perfect. I did think about not sharing this as I am missing half the show. But in the end, decided to throw it up anyway for those interested. The sound on this is supurb (check the samples), I wish I had the whole show but fortunately I haven't. If anyone else recorded this, please contact me personally, thank you.
Notes: Very nice cardioid recording. Very ambient recording, Very clean recording... Very short recording. Unfortunately this is severely incomplete. This is a shame as the quality is actually quite nice. Shame. Sound is not as intense nor in your face as it could be, this is a limitation with the equipment, however all in all the taper did a job that most people would feel quite good about. That what is there, that is. Not bad for a first-time Tool recording. Not bad at all.

Maynardism: "Wake Up."




"under an hour"

<bass drone>
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned
The Pot (Incomplete)

Wings For Marie
10,000 Days