Source B:
Hi-Mini Disc --- Core Sound Binaurals > Battery Box w/bass roll off at 120Hz > Sony MZ-RH910 Hi-MD(HiSP)
Transfer: Sony MZ-RH910 Hi-MD > USB > Sonicstage > Wav > Audacity > Wav > FLAC
Location: Front of stacks left, 15m back from overhanging speakers
Taper:      Jadg2
Gen:         0 from Master
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes - by Taper: Solid performance for the first set of songs or so, I felt on the night that Wings knocked something from the night by slowing things up too much then. Band played well, sounded a lot tighter compared to 6 months previously. Adam appeared to be rocking out subtly, whilst Danny and Justen played excellently, as per usual. Maynard sounded like he does these days. He had the full-gas-mask with built-in mic apparatus, and sang hands free, quite unusual looking. He wore sunglasses too underneath - take me somewhere nice. Recording notes - A relaxed crowd, few people dancing around me (slowly) and a bit of wooing. By the time it gets to Wings, people started talking a lot more from then until the end. The sound from the speakers sounded relatively clear and crisp, making this one of the better Tool recordings I've made. Known problems - PA static from Adam's guitar at the start, a lot of beer came my way at the start of Ænema, making for a quick mic check, but don't think you will notice. For burning to CD, I'd suggest after Wings 1 & 2
Notes: Although not as bright, per se, as Source A comes across, this source features a pleasant layer of bass, mid & high ranges that create a realistic reproduction of this performance. If nothing else, this is a standard CSB, FOS recording although it should be noted that the sound is somewhat distant in sound at times. The crowd is low as well, not too many annoying talkers. Standard fare for this leg of the tour; if every recording sounded at least this good the world would be a better place.

Maynardism: "Thank you very much for coming down. Can't wait to see you next summer..."





<bass drone>
46 & 2
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned
Swamp Song
Wings for Marie
 10.000 Days