Source B:
DAT --- Core Sound High End Binaurals / 4061 > Core Sound Battery Box > Sony TCD-D100
Location: Front of Stack
Transfer: DAT-M > WAV
Taper:      '<,>'
Gen:         1
MP3 Sample:
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Notes: Hmm. Breathtaking in it's clarity, this is a spellbinding performance by Tool with a recording that is as close to flawless as you will, ever, find. The nuances & hidden details that are so often buried in most recordings for one reason or another are at the forefront in this high quality source. From the drum roll on the snares to the crunching of the pick on the bas strings to the 'blip' sounds from an awkward note from the guitar combined with a perfectly balanced vocal mix... this is, simply put (run-on sentences aside), a definitive recording from this era. As a comparison, one may cross reference 11/23/96 Sebastianelli/CSB>D7oadeII source. Why does it seem that Tool puts on the best performances in France? Is it because it is simply one of the most beautiful & pleasant countries in the world or is it just the wine? I think it's the people.                                  


<intro drone>
Forty Six & 2
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned
Swamp Song
Wings For Marie
10,000 Days