Source A:
  DAT ---- Soundman OKMII-"Studio" > Sony TCD-D8 / 32 kHz
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Location:  Front of Stack - Right

Taper:  Bazille (FBZ)
Gen:  DAT-0 > DAT-1 from Master
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As I type this, I realize that there are few musical-things in life that are as enjoyable to listen to as a high quality recording from Tool via a DAT tape. Man, this recording is going to go down in the history-books as a definitive recording from this leg, this tour & possibly in regards to the lifespan of the band. If EQ'd properly and/or mixed with a soundboard feed (from Tool of course) this could be mistaken for a commercial release. The crowd is virtually non-existent. I heard, at least once or twice, a slight digital noise but perhaps that is not on the master but is something that tells me I need to clean the heads on my DA-20. Precise, in your face & is as-good-a capture as you are going to hear, I tell ya. Highly recommended and definitely the best sounding source from this performance - included being stacked against some meaty competition.

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<bass drone>
(Dave Chappelle "'lil Jon" impression @ scream)
Forty Six & 2
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned
Swamp Song
Wings For Marie
10,000 Days