Source B:
  DAT ---- Core Sound HEB (DPA 4061) > Sony TCD-D8
Lineage  DAT > Sony POC-DA 12P > Terratec EWX 24/96 > Soundforge 7.0 > CD Wave Editor 1.95 > CUE Splitter > FLAC Fontend

Taper:  J.R.
Gen:  0 from Master
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Notes - via taper:
Really tired band... They played really slowly and did a "lot" of mistakes, but overall MJK's singing was really less powerful than on the spring tour. But still it was a great night. Their music is really exceptionnal. It makes think about the perfect fusion between a man and a woman : massive balls + the softness of a woman's arm, alternatively, lol... That maybe explainsthe apparent "equity" in the audience :o)The recording in itself is quite good, way better than the 2 others sources previously seeded. I was positionned just in front of right stacks, that's to say on Justin's side. So I got a bit more crowd noise that's for sure, but it's really bearable. On Rosetta Stoned (precisely at the bass + drum solo) the bass started to do some weird comings and goings, and I think it's hearable on the recording.The only thing that makes me doubt about the sound, is that when I came home and checked the tape, the recording volume setting was switched on "Auto - Speech" and it shouldbe "Manual"...So did I record like that? or did I just push the button accidentally while I was turning it off and putting it back in its carrying case...? I can't really say that, it's not overpowered at all and the result is really enjoyable. Thanks to Franck for keeping me from some dumbass drunk sons of bitches, and to Remi for providing me a roof this night :o) Now enjoy! PS: I didn't record any of the opening acts PLEASE DO NOT SELL THIS RECORDING, DON'T RE-ENCODE IT TO LOSSY FORMATS (MP3, Wma,...) THANK YOU
Notes - via Galen: Ah this source comes a very close 2nd to the OKM-Studio>D8 source. Clean as a whistle with some crystal clear vocals. There definitely are some quality-control issues with the bass at parts. Funny that the taper mentions the switch being moved as that kind of sounds like what happened (although not at the end). There are a couple bursts of bass that make you go "whoah". That is not found on the oter sources thus seems to be a source-specific issue. All in all though, great recording.

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Time: 85:00

<bass drone>
(Dave Chappelle "'lil Jon" impression @ scream)
Forty Six & 2
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned
Swamp Song
Wings For Marie
10,000 Days