Source A:
Solid State Recorder --- Sound Professionals CMC8 Cards > SPSB-8 (bassrolloff@16Hz) > attenuatorcable > TRS-cable > Microtrack2496
Transfer: MT2496 > USB2.0 > HDD > Cool Edit Pro 2.1 [cut, FadeIn/Out, normalize, bass lift (using the graficEQ - "simple bass lift")] > dBPowerAmp (flac7) > µtorrent
Location: Microphones mounted on my glasses standing on the left side about 20m back from overhanging speakers
Taper:      DaGobert
Gen:         0 from Master
MP3 Sample:
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Notes - by Taper: I had some problems with the trs adapter or the line-in of the mt2496; one channel worked, this is a dual mono recording! :-(PLEASE PRESERVE QUALITY, DO NOT ENCODE TO MP3, KEEP OUR RIGHT TO TRADE FREELY ALIVE, DON'T BE A FUCK & SELL THIS SHOW, ENJOY AS MUCH AS YOU LIKE, SEED AS LONG AS YOU CAN
Notes: There are several instances of significant phasing that permeate through this recording, most notably on Stinkfist. That said, this recording is surprisingly clean in sound. This is significant as this is a mono sourced recording due to channel difficulties with the recorder. The sound has a plethora of mid + high range however the bass is almost lacking throughout. The crispness of the overall sound will make some smile & some frown as the result comes down to a matter of taste + tolerance. To my ears, this is a bit too crisp but to others this is simply like "the shit". Performance wise, I saw some pictures of the gig, this is one of them where the 'gas mask' was utilized. Not that it had much effect. Were you looking for a scream during Stinkfist? No. Good as MJK simply goes "huh". Yeah, huh.

Maynardism: ""No flash photography during this song...Please...no flash photography."





<bass drone>
Swamp Song
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned
46 & 2
Wings for Marie
10.000 Days