Source A:
Hi-Mini Disc --- Sony ECM-MS907 > Sony MZ-NHF800
Taper: Phil M.
Gen: 1st from Master
Trade: Contact taper
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Notes - Galen: The audio quality for this particular source is good. Let me clarify, the audio clarity is as good as an outdoor venue with a chatty crowd & taped with entry-level Sony ECM microphones can be. That said, the taper pushed his equipment to the limit as other tapers' may have not achieved such a listenable recording. It is clear that this will not be confused with a Schoeps or DPA or for that matter CSB recording. Take it for what it is. As a collector, you hear all sorts of different versions of Tool songs, Stinkfist included. Where the scream generally "is" - is replaced by 'fucky-fuck-yeah'... first time I heard this I thought it was hilarious. You may have a different opinion. The band seemed to be rather relaxed throughout the performance but also did seem to push the envelope so to speak. There are several interesting 'soundscapes' between songs, including the intro to Opiate - by the way, what the hell was going on? I believe I hear a delay in the intro but then the band starts to improv the subtle part. I would hate to say this is one of their best performances, it's not, but it is also not one of their worst. Standard, generic but yet still interesting as even on a so-so night the band is still better than 99% of the other bands out there.

Maynardism: "What an absolutely fantastic day. Fantastic weather, fantastic music, fantastic hippies. Thank you very much. See you in December - now go home & take a bath."

Time: 79:55
Setlist / Quote:

<bass drone>
The Pot
46 & 2