Source C:
Solid State Recorder --- Soundman OKM-II Rock Studio > M-Audio MicroTrack 24/96
Transfer:  WAV > CDWave > FLAC
Location: Rail, Left
Taper: auroboros
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Notes - Taper: Position was on rail directly in front of stack (Adam's side). Every now and then security came and sprayed a fire hose on me therefore I had to repetitively duck for cover to save my gear - is noticeable throughout the recording.
Notes - Galen: If I am to be truly honest, I really wanted this recording to sound better than it does as I have the same microphones (one of the different version), OKMII-Rock (not studio). As much as I do enjoy the sound of these microphones I found this source to be a bit bass heavy, quiet & distant-sounding (more so than it probably should?). The good, if you are a fan of a beat-y type of recording than this is certainly for you as you can hear a lot of Danny's kick, Adam's heavy drop-d tuning notes & Justin's deep bass. MJK is a bit buried in the mix & does not stand out a lot on this source. The crowd around the taper was rather annoying (what's new?) & there are several instances of microphone movement/phasing (perhaps when the taper was being sprayed with water?). All in all not a bad source but not I'm not sure how many people will find it to be entirely accessible.

Maynardism: "Hi hippies"

Time: 83:25
Setlist / Quote:

<bass drone>
The Pot
46 & 2