Source A:
Video --- Sony DCR-HC26e
Transfer: Master > Adobe Premiere > Ulead Movie Factory Plus 5
Taper: Jizzymcjizz
Gen:    1st from Master
Image from DVD:

Notes - Taper: Here’s Tool from the Big Day out from Melbourne as promised months ago. Sorry its taken so long but it’s a slow process when you work full time and have a life outside of work and try to make DVD’s in your free time…. A very slow process. The process on this version 1 is, Sony DCR-HC26E > Adobe Premiere (capture) > Ulead Movie Factory Plus 5 (menus, chapters, titles, etc.) > cu.org. Please no torrenting or sharing on DC++ or other share programs for the moment.
Notes - Galen: First thing you will notice is that this video is nicely mastered. The menu pops-up with MJK stating “welcome to cold day out” into a fade-out to the chapter menu, you pick it then the recording begins. Very professional-looking. The recording itself is fairly stable throughout, in fact, the only times when the video is shaky involves the in-between songs occurrences. I found it difficult to determine, exactly, how far the filmer is from the stage but if I were to hazard a guess it would be a few meters in front of the board. Please take note, video recordings from this angle are rare + few/far between. I must give immense kudos to the filmer as, well, kind of insane. Sure, hands + heads get in the way at times but the benefits outweigh any possible negative attributes. The audio is fairly clean, however, if you really try to narrow it down you can hear a small amount of high-end distortion particularly when the people surrounding the recorder scream. You can definitely hear (without seeing the video) that this is an audience recording (complete with some random phasing). All in all though, this is definitely one of the better videos from 2007. Top job.

Maynardism: "Welcome to cold day out."

Time: 93:19
Setlist / Quote:

<bass drone>
Swamp Song
Forty Six & 2
The Pot