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Mini Disc ---- Sony ECM-DS70P > Sony MZ-N710 (LP2)
Transfer: SB line in>Soundforge 6.0>WAV
Taper: eatyourblud
Gen:    1st 
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Notes - Taper: Why did i have to get seats behind these drunkass kegger bogan assholes? Seriously, me and my wife were looking around us and everyone was so cool and laid back, enjoying the show and respecting the quieter parts, and we had these animal house fuckers ruining our shit left right and centre...wait until you hear it, you'll see, and you'll hear my responses to them :)All i did was converted it to 44,100 hz/26 bit stereo WAV in Soundforge and burnt it to two discs as two long WAVS...Not tradeable as anything but a listening cd, but good enough for you to enjoy and give it a write up on CU if you wish. You'll get to hear the bloody morons i was talking about, plus me cussing them out several times :-) apart from them and the static, it's pretty listenable. i upped the volums and fiddled with it equalizer wise a little.
Notes - Galen: The taper sent me a MP3 sample prior to me actually listening to the recording (one track each CD) I did not think this was going to be all that good. To some individuals, this may not do anything for them, as far as sound goes. However, this has an audio quality kind of like an old Tool show from 1997 + 1998 from the Lollapalooza & Ozzfest tours - you collector's know what I'm talking about here. Where it is an outdoor festival type of venue, the sound sort of travels a little bit & the equipment is relatively simple. Nothing wrong with that &, I think, if you approach this recording from aforementioned paradigm you will find that this is wonderful to listen to. And for that, I recommend this source. There are moments where this recording truly shines. It should be noted that the taper of this source also filmed Tool in 1995 (click here) & considers himself a filmer, not a taper. I think he did a rather good job on this recording. There are, at least on my copy, a a few issues with microphone crackle but I believe this has been fixed for future releases. The drunk morons the taper mentions are audible & it is to the taper's credit he did not commit a homicide that night - ok that is quite an overstatement but even I wanted to throw beer on those guys. Amusingly, the taper does tell them to "shut the fuck up" - tops!

Maynardism: "Good evening Melbourne!"

CD 1
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(cut at beginning)
Forty Six & 2
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned

CD 2
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Wings For Marie
10,000 Days