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DAT --- ECM-717 (on my baseball cap) > TCD-D100 (48kHz)
Transfer: DAT master > CDR (DENON CDR-1000) > .aif (Toast) >Remaster (SoundStudio & Peak) > .wav > Track Split (CDWave) > .flac (Level8)
Taper: the_sphere
Gen:    0
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Notes - Taper: First night for TOOL Japan Tour 2007. I and my pertner went to Osaka from Tokyo by Shinkansen bullet train (2.5hrs ride) and arrived the venue at 6 o'clock. Zepp Osaka is a SRO venue and the capacity is 2,000 (+180 seats at 2nd floor). What a small venue for TOOL, eh? Our reference number was 9-58 & 59, about the half of whole, and got into the hall without hope to take front block. But we found there're still some space at the backward of 2nd block ! Wow, it's only about 9m from stage, in front of Maynard. Then the show got started and started the recording... but soon I found the batteries are almost empty !! They WERE unused ones for sure, but it was too old (later I know the consumption limt was June 2006... oh no)... So I pulled out the wrong ones and insert the spare batteries and then re-start the recording. So missing almost of intro drone and the beginning of Stinkfist. damn. The show was excellent as I expect. The setlist is static one without track from "Opiate" or "Undertow". There were some stupid american guys' screamings at the beginning of Wings, but all in all the audience was well behaved. Although the bass sound was slightly heavy, the total sound was pretty good. So the recorded sound turned excellent. I think it's the 2nd for the recording sound of 4 nights.
Notes - Galen: This source sounds much better than you may initially think based on the microphones used. Sound is actually really crisp, quite clean & is quite enjoyable to listen to. MJK does the "Dave Chappelle doing Lil John" bit where the scream of Stinkfist is. That's always a treat. Crowd seemed to be very respectful & laid back. There are some instances where you can hear mic phasing for those that notice things like that.

Maynardism: "Shhhhhh....shhhhhh....shhhhhh...(whisper) I'm embarrassed."

CD 1
Setlist / Quote:

<Bass Drone>
46 & 2
Lost Keys (Blame Hoffman)
Rosetta Stoned
The Pot

CD 2
Setlist / Quote:

Wings For Marie
10,000 Days