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Notes - Taper: 3rd night. Promotor added this 2nd Tokyo show at the last minute and put the tickets on sale at Jan. 15. Only 3 weeks before the show ! And we did not know about that !! What a goose ! But the tickets were still available even at the show date and we could get at 9th show. Phew. So, there was a bad attendance, about 60~70% of the capacity I thought and we could get into the 2nd row of 2nd block, in front of Mayberd, only about 5m from the stage ! Great view. But the sound is a bit worse than center position you know. Somewhat too 'wide'. So it's the 4th for the sound of 4 nights I think. The setlist was changed drastically. Dropped Lost Keys - Rosetta Stoned & The Pot and added Swamp Song, Right in Two (!) and Opiate. Also there were some surprises. At Forty Six & Two, Adam got out and then appeared a Japanese guiterist and he played on the whole song ! Who is that guy !? Well, I have had no concrete evidence yet, one Japanese music wrighter (who write TOOL articles on Rockin'on magazine) wrote the guy is Hattori Hanzo who were a former Japanese record label direcotr of TOOL. And it seems Maynerd says 'Thank you, Hattori Hanzo' after the song. But he himself amswered in the negative about this... Well, I lighted on him at the back entrance of Club Citta' about 2hrs before the 12th show. And asked about his name but he said "I'm not a guy announce myself". And also he deny the rumor that the guy is Hattori Hanzo...Where is the truth ?? Who knows ? At Opiate, the middle section was stretched and two Human-Beat-Box performers appeared and play scratch noise or synth-drum like voices. There're no Synth. Good performance. Someone hate this kind of ones, though. Also, the audience behaviour was VERY different than previous night. Very quiet, polite (not a bad mean), and really enthusiastic. Listen to the intro for Wings and cutaway part of 10,000 Days (after "give me my... Wings") !! Literally it was a conflation of great performance and audience, in other words, amazing show.
Notes - Galen: I really like the sound of this recording & think it is better than the taper alludes. Interesting change for Tool with the significant set change. The beat-box breakdown during Opiate is as interesting as the 2001-era additions of Hawkman from Tricky. Definitely, for that very reason alone, this is a performance that is one for repetition in your Tool-library. The vibe of this show, hell of all the Japanese shows from this era, is about as experimental as Tool tends to get on stage. Highly recommended. This is also the only recording, that I can think of, where you hear Justin Chancellor's voice...

Justinism: "the human beat box band."

CD 1
Setlist / Quote:

<bass drone>
Swamp Song
Forty Six & 2
(Masa - guest on guitar)
Right In Two
(w/Human Beatbox Band)

CD 2
Setlist / Quote:

Wings For Marie
10,000 Days