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DAT --- ECM-717 (on my baseball cap) > TCD-D100 (48kHz)
Transfer: DAT master > CDR (DENON CDR-1000) > .aif (Toast) >Remaster (SoundStudio & Peak) > .wav > Track Split (CDWave) > .flac (Level8)
Taper: the_sphere
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Notes - Taper: The 4th night and the last show for us (we could not manage to go to Nagoya show).The venue name is Club Citta', stand at Kawasaki City, in Kanagawa prefecture. And the capacity is 1,300. ...ONLY 1,300 !! I believe it is the smallest venue for TOOL in the decade ! You would listen to this small venue atmosphere on my recording. Well, we went to the venue by a car and arrived about one hour before door open. (And when walked around the venue, met the guy who played guitar on Forty Six & 2 at Zepp Tokyo) Then we finally could entered at 5:50 p.m., our reference numbers were 703 & 704, and got into the center of the hall. It's really small hall so it's only about 8m from stage even I was at the there ! And the show got started at about 6:20. Although there're some horizontal bars which separate brocks, audience flowed quickly at the beginning of the show...then an accident occured. The recording was stopped. And even worse, I did not know that ! I checked the recorder at the beginning of Stinkfist but next time I checked it was at the intro of Schism... I found is at that time and soon re-start the recording. So, first four songs are missing on my recording, almost. VERY SORRY THING. The sound is crisp and clear, it could be the best recording for the four nights... The set list is similar with previous night but changed Opiate into Sober. It is good thing my recording could capture Sober and Right in Two, at least. Audience behavior was pretty good succeeding to previous night, quiet and polite, so this one turnd very clear recording. But incomplete... damn. Oh well, there're some mistakes by Adam, particularly at the intro and ending for Lateralis...pretty off-kilter ones !
Notes - Galen: Too bad this recording is massively incomplete as the setlist was quite interesting. Sound is good, clean & enjoyable. Not too much else for me to say at this point. I'm still surprised that this tapers recording sound as good as they do - nice job.

Maynardism: "Thank you."

Time: 81:04
Setlist / Quote:

<bass drone>
Swamp Song
Forty Six & 2
Right In Two
Wings For Marie
10,000 Days