Source A:
Video --- Sony DCR-TRV900/2x Telephoto Lens / No External Mics
Taper: Cesaro
Gen: 1st from Master
Image from DVD: Here

Notes: Personally, Iíve been a fan of Cesaroís filming contributions of Tool since late 1999 or early 2000 when I came across a VHS copy of his Coachella 1999 recording in a random VHS trade. Back then, his work was kind of cutting edge. Now, I still feel the same. Having dealt with this individual over several circumstances & over the course of time I feel confident in saying that his videos are among my top-favorite, most-played when I watch Tool DVDs (although this in & of itself is not all that often but still). This was filmed from a good distance away, upper-left-bowl/tiered seating, but nonetheless delivers some magnificent close-ups of all band members, the stage & accurately captures the ambience of the performance. The audio comes close to reaching maximum SPL & may actually do so every once in a while particularly when the crowd screams but for the 95% this is no issue at all (note: I think at some point he turned down the gain for the microphones as well). Cesaro has other thoughts about this particular source but then again the most talented are often the harshest critics arenít they? Highly recommended.

Maynardism: "Nice. De ja vu." 

Time: 1:57:54

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Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned
Wings For Marie
10,000 Days