Source A:
Solid State Recorder --- Schoeps MK4's > Active Cables > Nbox > MT 24/96 ( 24Bit Wav@ 48Khz)
Transfer: MT 24/96 > USB 2.0 > Soundforge(Fades, Resampling) > 24bit wav@ 44.1 Khz > CD Wave > TLH > Flac
Location: (info not provided)
Taper: jcrab66 (bootlegarchive@yahoo.com) / http://bootlegarchive.com/jcrab66
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes - Taper: Great visual show from Tool. Recording came out alright. You'll notice some level changes during the first minute or two of Jambi. At approximately 17:39 of Lateralus you will notice a skip. Its where the Microtracker auto split the track when it reached the 2GB limit so there's about a 3 second jump there. If only I had started recording a minute or so later, oh well. Split where you want to make two discs. In case the conversion info is unclear, this is a 24bit flac set. Enjoy.
Notes - Galen: You know I really am not certain where the taper was standing, however, it sounds as though he was from at least some distance away as there are times when you can hear the vocals kind of reverberate or echo somewhat. Regardless of nit-picking, this is most likely the finest AUD recording available for this particular performance. Other than some relatively common complaints such as a few annoying folks in the crowd the recording is rather balanced, crisp & very clean. One of the better AUD sources available from this leg; nice recording job... although, it would have been nice to see another DAT recording come out instead of another solid state recorder. But that is merely my own preference isn't it? I must say, as for the performance <yawn> I do miss the scream in Rosetta Stoned....

"I'm going to go backstage & make some phone calls"


<bass drone>
46 & 2
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned
Right in Two
Wings for Marie
10,000 Days