Source B:
Hi Mini Disc --- Giant Squid Cardiods > 9V batt box (w/ bass rolloff) > Sony MZ-RH1
Transfer: USB > Sonic Stage > WAV > CEP (Cool Edit Pro) > WAV > Wavlab > WAV > FLAC
Location: (info not provided)
Taper: inVINCEcible (inVINCEcible2k3 AT yahoo DoT com)
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes - Taper: First off, right off the bat, I have to give major props and thanks to Tooligan for Mastering all my raw recordings. This was my first time seeing TooL and also my first time recording them. The raw material was a little soft in my opinion being my fear of the recording being too hot in some songs so in some areas level adjustments could be heard. For the most part I nailed it and it came out great for being my first time. Sure was cool meeting some fellow members of the Tool Army and meeting Jcrab66 from the Hub at the show! High Lights of the night for me was that 1.)NOBODY suspects the guy in wheelchair to bring equipment to record the show. While in line, with my bro pushing me, security went around me not even looking at me to pat me down to see if I had anything. If I've had a badass tv studio camera, I could prolly smuggle it in somehow.2.) The hottie in a wheelchair next to mine withher hottie friends.3.)Good ole' family quality time with the family. I bought a pair of tickets for the folks and they saw the show along with my brother and Me. They totally loved it. 4.) And seeing Tool for the first time! Downside: 1.)Everything cost a leg and arm. Shirts , drinks , food , etc. That was expected being a concert.2.) This asshole head of security who was hassling the hotties next to me that one of them didnt belong there. One was lapping the other. With Him being there, I was nervous of him seeing my equipment.3.) Like everyone else complained, I wanted just a little more on the setlist but what can you do!
Notes - Masterer: First off I started off using Cool Edit Pro to amplify, or de-amplify in some places, where abrupt level adjustments had been made. I also fixed a few spots where there was some noise from the mics being moved. I then combined all the separate tracks into a single wav file, and then amplified the entire show by 6dB. Then I used Wavelab to split the tracks and did some minor EQ adjustment (increasing the bass slightly, while lowering the mids and highs a bit to eliminate some of the brightness). I did hear some of the high end "squeal" that I've noticed in some of my recordings of other bands with the same mics, I own a pair as well and haven't found a way to eliminate it from my recordings either. I almost snuck in my pair of GS and batt box, but was weary of metal detectors that weren't even present at the venue. VincE had a much better taping position than I had, and it shows in this recording. I'm feel honored that he let me help master this show for him. Enjoy!
Notes - Galen: Ever heard the expression 'you get what you pay for'? Well, this holds true for quite a few things in life including but not limited to taping equipment, namely, microphones. As someone who once used Giant Squid microphones I will say that for under $100 they are a really nice, low-cost option for becoming involved with taping concerts. They will pick up the sound & will 'work' but if you know what to listen to you can clearly hear the limitations of the microphones. The result of this particular recording is a tinny, thin-sounding capture with a lot of high end that occasionally borders on high end distortion. The bass, actually, sounds pretty good and although MJK's vocals are not completely buried like Jimmy Hoffa in the sound-mix, the end result leaves a bit to be desired. Like drinking a sugar free, caffeine free Coke when the original tastes, well, better. Had the taper used better microphones the result would be quite a bit better. Certainly not a terrible recording but not a fantastic one, either. I hope I am not being too merciless with this observation, I say this as I do have first-hand experience with the microphones. As a note though, I am not sure if the Tool shows I recorded with my Giant Squids sound any better than this source (to be totally honest). I think so, but then again, we all have different opinions about what sounds good - essentially, that's it. You make the decision on what sounds good to your ears.

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CD 1
<bass drone>
46 & 2
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned
Right in Two

CD 2
Wings for Marie
10,000 Days