Source C:
Mini Disc --- Sony ECM-719 > Sony MZ-R50 (mic-in)
Transfer: WaveLab > WAV > FLAC
Location: (info not provided)
Taper: tooligan (grendelator AT yahoo DoT com)
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes - Taper: The show was absolutely amazing, and the visuals were spectacular. I regret not having a video camera as well, maybe next time. The very first part of Maynard's opening speech is kinda muffled as the lights were still on and I didn't have the mic in place yet. I immediately rectified that situation, clipped to my hat, good to go. Other than the idiot sitting directly behind me talking obnoxiously (he was the idiot that yelled "Freebird"), and his buddy that sang alternate lyrics to songs (learn the words assmunch).Next time I might not have as much restraint. I was singing along to some of the songs and you can't hear me on my own recording (well maybe if you strain hard enough). Although they did seem to quiet down after my roommate bummed a cigarette from them and persuaded them to tone it down a bit. This was my first recording of Tool and I am very happy with my results, given the equipment I used and my location. It does run a bit hot at times, but that is Tool for ya. I only missed about 10-15 seconds of the Intension (intro) due to having to switch discs, and me opening the battery compartment by mistake. I know there are a few more sources that will surface for this show that will blow mine away, but enjoy this recording for what it is. High points of the night were the great new visual effects, Right In Two, and Pat and Trey from King Crimson coming out to play on Lateralus... WOW!!!
Notes - Galen: Hmm. Honestly best left for collectors for a few reasons including better sounding sources, pervasive talking from the people the taper mentions in the text, distant + tinny sound & compressed audio quality. Now if this was a recording from, say, 1997 to even 2002, I would not be as harsh, however, this is not the case. This is certainly not a terrible recording & definitely has some good attributes (and it is wonderful that this taper 'taped' in the first place) but, again, it is doubtful how many non-die hard fans are going to fall in love with this source. It should be noted that we look forward to more recordings from said taper...

"San Antonio, you all have the worst luck; not our fault. Well I have some good news and bad news....The good news is there is no bad news"

CD 1
<bass drone>
46 & 2
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned
Right in Two

CD 2
Wings for Marie
10,000 Days