Source A:
Hi Mini Disc --- Giant Squid Cardiods > 9V batt box (w/ bass rolloff) > Sony MZ-RH1
Transfer: USB > Sonic Stage > WAV > CEP (Cool Edit Pro) > WAV > Wavlab > WAV > FLAC
Location: (info not provided)
Taper: inVINCEcible (inVINCEcible2k3 AT yahoo DoT com)
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes - Taper: Major thanks again to Tooligan for Mastering my raw recording in both my San Antonio And this Corpus Christi shows. This being my second show , I went in the Wheels again and got by security without a hitch. As tight as security was, the staff at the American Bank Center were sure friendly staff in assisting me with any help needed. There was this couple next to me, young couple in which the guy next to me asked if I had any Tums or Rolaids for his gf who wasnt feeling well. They had asked before Tool came out on stage and I reccomended icecream or some kinda shake. Something dealing with Milk. She gave me this funny look and asked if they were selling anything. I told her, only one way to find out. So they rush down before Tool came out and they started playing Jambi. I see the chick with a smile on her face and came next to me and sat down. Around the 6:57 mark on Jambi, You Can hear her yell , "thanks for the icecream idea , it really helped" Little did she know i was recording and I responded with a smile and a big thumbs up. This same chick can be heard through some songs howling. This is my second taping of TooL and I hope you enjoy all the effort done by all the Tapers who do this. The time, money, and effort they every taper does out of sheer enjoyment. Be Sure to Give thanks to the tapers!
Notes - Masterer: First off I started off using Cool Edit Pro to combine all the separate tracks into a single wav file, and then amplified the entire show by 6dB. Then I used Wavelab to split the tracks and did some minor EQ adjustment (increasing the bass slightly, while lowering the mids and highs a bit to eliminate some of the brightness). Basically the same EQ adjustments made to his SA show, but with a slight varience. I feel honored that he let me help master this show for him. Enjoy!
Notes - Galen: Just a quick note on that girl the taper mentions "howling". You ever heard the Pink Floyd song "Seamus"? Yeah, well, that's what that chick sounds like to my ears. You get that?  Write: seamus_music@captainmustard.com. Honestly this recording is slightly better in quality than the taper's 05/21/2007. The vocals are not completely buried, the guitar & cymbals are nice + clear however the overall 'sound' or end-result is a bit tinny. These are simply limitations of the microphones. Now if you were not someone such as I who has heard the good, the bad & the ugly Tool recordings you would probably say "this sounds pretty frickin' good what the hell is that dude talking about"! I would not blame you. The sound is recorded & it is not distorted; definitely better than other recordings, that's for sure.

"Good evening"

CD 1
<bass drone>
46 & 2
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned

CD 2
Right in Two
Wings for Marie
10,000 Days