Source C:
Solid State Recorder --- Core Sound Binaurals > M-Audio MicroTrack 24/96(@24/44.1)
Transfer: Microtrack 24/96 > USB > CD Wave > Flac Frontend > Flac[8]
Taper: Derek (toolband125)
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes - Taper: Big thanks goes out to the deustch bags beside me who was singing the whole time thanks again you are great. thats all i can say. hope u enjoy.
Notes - Galen: The audio recording 'of what the taper could control' is really nice for the sources used. The taper did a good job keeping from moving or singing or getting up to go to the bathroom. The guitar + vocals are clear, the bass is not overwhelming & all in all this source is a good recording. Perhaps not as accurate of a capture as the DPA 4061>MT2496 sources, obviously, but still an enjoyable listen. Now, the recording factors 'of what the taper could not control'... well... I winced. Meaning, these guys next to the taper woudl not shit up. During one point of Vicarious (if memory serves) one of them mentions spaghetti & is talking about food - if not, it sounded like it to me. Not only can they not sing but they manage to be just as loud if not more so than MJK at times. When they sing a line or two. It's almost painful at times to listen to. Unfortunately, I have the same type of recording from 05/15/2006 in Detroit. What sounds like the same douche bags that are so evident on this recording called their cousins in Michigan to sit by me & another taper. Maybe not but you see my point.

Maynardism: "Hope you enjoyed the popcorn!!! Consider that your bonus..."

Time: 116:18


<bass drone>
Stinkfist (Extended)
Forty-Six and Two
Schism (Extended)
Lost Keys/Rosetta Stoned
Wings for Marie
10,000 Days