Source D:
Hi Mini Disc --- DPA 4061 (matched pair) > CSBB > Line In > Sony MZRH10 (HiSP mode)
Transfer: Sony MZ-RH10 > SonicStage (USB cable) > Wavelab 3.04a (EQ, compression, normalize) > CD Wave Editor > FLACfrontend
Location: Section 105, Row A, Seat 18 (Right side off of Justin's corner of the stage... My ticket had Row B Seat 20, but the show started and no one was in the seats in front of me, so I moved down)
Taper: Adam / pessimisticoptimist
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes - Taper: This was fun returning to this same outdoor amphitheater as the 2001 show where the audience got poured on. Even Maynard remembered that show and mentioned it during this one. It was especially nice getting to hear Pushit again too. I think they only played it 6 or 7 times on this tour. It was also nice meeting up with fellow tapers Geordy and Derek at this show. Note that Maynard jumped the gun during Stinkfist and started singing the album version, while the rest of the band started the extended version. His laughter at his mistake is a little hard to make out on my source because of some nearby screaming girls... but it's there. One last note... and I might get more amusement out of this than anyone, but drunken stupidity always amazes me. This drunk hick couldn't find his seat before the show. He came down the aisle and asked me if I was in row E. So I took him down two rows and showed him where they had the big "E" shown next to his row. Sure enough, the same guy came down and asked me twice more during the show. You can hear him at the beginning right before Jambi, and also about a minute into the intermission... "Is this 'E'?" Still makes me laugh... Enjoy!
Notes - Galen: Ah this is a fine, fine AUD recording. I wonder why people would want to switch to other microphones? Ha. The vocals are solid, clean & mean. Adam's guitar at times seems like it is playing in your ear &, amazingly enough, MJK's vocals are clear throughout. This is a minor miracle you know. Strong performance. Although this source has a little bit of crowd chatter it is not nearly as bad as the results I tend to get at a Tool show. Luck? Or a higher power? All in all this source is in fierce competition with others for *the* source to groove to. Kudos to the taper.

Maynardism: "Hope you enjoyed the popcorn!!! Consider that your bonus..."