Source E:
Hi-Mini Disc --- sp-bmc-3 mics>bass rolloff 195hrzsp-bm6 batt box>sony mzrh-10minidiscHIMD
Location: ?
Transfer: Master MD>goldwave fade ins/outs mastering>cdwave>flac
Taper:      garrett
Gen:         0
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Notes: Much like the other recordings this taper has contributed to the collective (live recordings), this one has many traits as the others including strange microphone movements, a good balance, overall of the sounds coming from the PA's, a healthy dose of people talking/crowd noise surrounding the taper but also a clear but distant sound to the recording. Being a FOS taping kind of guy, that is my preference as I often become annoyed by people talking around microphones. Recording is not the best source for this performance but it is a decent capture. Kudos to the taper; I think he pushed his equipment to it's limit.

Maynardism: "Hope you enjoyed the popcorn!!! Consider that your bonus..."


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