Source A:
Video --- Sony DCR-HC46
Taper: Bootleg Eddie
Gen: ? from Master
Image from DVD: Here

Notes: Filmed from what appears to be the upper-left tier & shot in pretty much auto focus(?) throughout, this video features a semi-different perspective than many other videos, namely, seeing the videos that are relayed on the stage (itself) as the band performs. Pretty cool, something that is usually not seen much. Although this seems to be centered around MJK the filmer does manage to nab quite a few interesting close-ups of the band. I am unsure of what the taper used to transfer the recording to DVD but it kind of looks like he compressed the video (look at the image) but I really am not sure on that. Most impressive is the audio as it is simply one of the better sounding video recordings from this tour-leg available. Am not sure why or what happened or what equipment was used but darn this is one heck of a nice job. MJK seemed to be distant throughout as he kept his back to the audience throughout. Rosetta Stoned is cut at the end due to tape-switch. All in all, worth checking out. Also, for the hell of it I did a quick google-search of "bootlegeddie myspace" and came up on his profile (which as of 09/2007 was set to private). His 'picture' is him sitting on a massively over-sized chair; just looked weird. Anyway. Of interest, MJK does not finish the end of 10,000 Days as someone shined a laser beam in his face. This was a no-no.

Maynardism: N/A

Time: 1:48:27

<bass drone>
FortySix & 2
Schism (Extended)
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned
Right in Two
Wings for Marie
10,000 Days