Source A:
Solid State Recorder --- Danish Pro Audio 4061s > MMA6000 w/low cut @ 100hz > Microtrack 24/96 (24 Bit Wav@48Khz)
Transfer: Microtrack 24/96 > USB > CEP2.0(48->44.1 and dithering) > CD Wave > Flac Frontend > Flac[8]
Location: Floor
Taper: Geordy
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes - Taper: Third night seeing Tool in a week. It was nice hearing Right In Two, having heard Pushit twice already :) This was my only show where I was on the GA floor. Worked my way up the right side, ended up about 35' back from the right stacks. The recording sounds great with minimal crowd noise. The band seemed really tight tonight, Maynard talking a little more than Orlando, but not as much as Birmingham. There was some weird echo going on with vocals towards the end of Jambi, you'll hear it on the recording after one of the screams. Having been just short of getting the entire show on 5/31, I manually created a new track after Right In Two. There is a small gap of 7 seconds or so until the new file starts with Soundscape 2. I used this as the disc break on the 16/44.1 version.
Notes - Galen: For those that are even quasi-familiar with live recordings of Tool from the 10K Days-era will generally agree with me that during Rosetta Stoned the vocals tend to be very, very buried. Now, take a listen to the minute or so sample provided via the link above & tell me what you think. Later in the song you can clearly hear some of the deep, distorted vocal effects used - very cool. So either this experienced taper simply got lucky or knew what he was doing or it was a combination of both. I think it is both. Right place, right time - time to party. Vocals are up in the mix throughout, the guitar is sharp, the bass is not even boom-boom-boom (as many DPA detractors attempt to point out) & the subtleties of Danny's drumming-skills abound. Strong, precise performance picked up on a strong, precise recording. Top job. 

Maynardism: "Prepare to have a wet vagina... men included..."

CD 1

<bass drone>
Forty-Six and Two
Lost Keys/Rosetta Stoned
Right In Two

CD 2

Wings for Marie
10,000 Days