Solid State Recorder --- SP-CMC-8 > SP-R09 power supply > Edirol R-09(@16/44.1)
Location: ?
Transfer: USB > WAV > CoolEditPro2 > CDWave > FLAC
Taper:      Robducati
Gen:         0 / Torrent
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Notes - Taper: Recorded just to the right and back from mixing desk, elevated from floor area. I attended this show with my son Corey, and my good friends Pat, Bones, and Paul. The vocals were low for the first couple of songs, and then slightly raised by the sound tech (we were watching them). This is the way the show was if you were there, everybody asking each other why the vocals were so low. The last track (outro), is just me and my buds Pat and Paul talking about a female midget amputee who was at the show. Pat has a big time sexual fetish for midget amputee's (female), and it was odd that there was one right in front of us as we were leaving. We were not trying to be mean or anything, it was just ironic, and Pat was drunk. Oh well.... Roberts Municipal Stadium will more than likely be demolished in the very near future unfortunately, a sad end to a venue that has housed great bands such as Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Yes, Rush, Donovan and many more.
Notes - Galen: Kind of hard to describe... this recording just has a good feel to it. May I get all hippy on you & say 'vibe'? Yeah, vibe. The performance is as vanilla as they come (at this part of the tour) but this recording, man, the taper just nailed it. I mean, I rarely am impressed with an audience recording but I will go out on a limb & jus say that this taper just nailed it. Have I said that the taper nailed it, sorry, short term memory loss - some good things in life will do that to you (too much live Tool at loud volumes, yeah, that's it). Sure, there are some instances of phasing from the microphones & some rather obtrusive crowd members but the stuff that's important, Tool, is just floating above the rest of the stuff. If the vocal levels were low this night as the taper mentions, I cannot hear it as this sounds like a rather nice mix all around. Kudos, karma & a 'nice one' for taking your son to a Tool show.


<bass drone>
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned
Wings For Marie
10,000 Days