Source A:
Solid State Recorder --- Danish Pro Audio 4061 mics > MMA6000 preamp > Edirol R-09 24/48
Transfer: Edirol R-09 > USB > wav @ 24bit/48kHz > Hard drive > Mastering (see below) > CD Wave 1.95 (tracking) > Flac Frontend 1.7.1 (Level 6 Flac Compression) > Flac
Location: 21st row on the floor, dead center
Taper: Ryan A (http://db.etree.org/potsy_monkey)
Gen: 0 from Master
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Notes - Taper: This one sounds great. I spent a lot of time on it because the performance is tremendous and deserves a good recording. It was the best performance of the five 10k Days shows I saw, and one of the best from the 2006-2007 tour I think. Maynard was in a good mood and all the band members were tight and locked in. An extended set was played - just over two hours. I believe it was the first (and as of October 2007 - the only) time all the songs from the 10K Days album (except Intension) were played in the same night. If you like Rosetta Stoned and Right in Two then you'll love this show. Those two were the definite highlights. Even though I'd heard the song a thousand times, I was blown away when they finished Rosetta Stoned. Eyes wide, hair standing on end. Perfection. Oh, and about the loud 'WHOOOOO' at the very end of the show (you'll know when you hear it). That was me. Sorry. Explanation: there was a dumb fuck two seats to my right who would not stop yelling Whoo Hooo the entire show. A grown adult man sounding like a 12 year old girl at a Hannah Montana show. I told him to shut up a few times during the show but he was unrelenting. Finally after Vicarious, while he was WhoooHooing at the top of his lungs again, I got fed up and turned to him and screamed "WHOOOOOO" a few times into his face. He stopped and looked at me with the most confused look on his face.
Notes - Galen: Ah this is a very nice creation or capture - depending on how you look at it of course. The vocals seem like MJK isn't singing in your ear but is screaming in it. That's a good thing. It's amazing how all the sounds from, basically, the entire spectrum of sound is so up-close & personal. Good stuff. Now, I would like to add that it is clear that a TON of EQ'ing was performed on this show. You can definitely hear the crowd at times (including the guy whoooing) but that is not a bad thing either. Maybe some special tricks - ah the wonders of technology. That said, do not expect to get the exact same result as this taper did. A lot was done to the mix in the post / after the fact. That said, this is definitely wonderful to listen to & is one that may very well be in the running for one of the best creations from this leg of the tour. Nice job.

Maynardism / Quote


<bass drone>
The Pot
46 & 2
Lost Keys/Blame Hoffman
Rosetta Stoned
Right In Two
Wings For Marie
10,000 Days