Source A:
Solid State Recorder --- Audio Technica 943 Cardioid > Edirol R-09
Transfer: (info not provided)
Location: Section 102 Row 14
Taper: SiriusJoe
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes - Taper: This is one of those cases where an otherwise decent recording is marred by an abnoxious (sic) crowd. The screaming guy in the right channel was so coked up I thought his chest was going to explode. He jumped up and down like a pogo stick for 2 hours virtually non-stop. And of course we have the skanky blond girls in the left channel who simply can't shut the fuck up for more than 5 minutes out of fear that nobody is paying attention to them. Sorry guys, I did the best I could. I thought I'd be better off in the reserved seats, but it looks like the mosh pit would have been a better choice. (Well, maybe if I was 20 years younger...) Hopefully somebody else got a better recording of this show, but this one is good enough for the
completists (sic). Feel free to share this recording with anyone you like, in any trading forum you like. "Trade Status" my ass!

Notes - Galen I: Yeah the crowd around the taper is rather abrasive throughout the recording. My own 2 cents on this recording, it is fine. The mics give off a tinny-ness that I am not a massive fan of. I am not a fan of the Cardioid sound except for certain occassions because, really, only a few people can really pull off a sweet Cardioid recording. This is a decent, fine & enjoyable source but it does not go the way of say one of Nameloc's 06/2007 recordings or a good MK4. Yes I know those are setting the bar high but with so many great sources out the bar has to be raised some. Simple as that.
Notes - Galen II: I wonder if the skanky blond talking barbie & the crack head white dude with a NY Yankees ball cap on backwards jumping around like a chipmunk that ate a hit of X are the same people that seem to follow me, as well as the taper, around at various Tool performances. Perhaps they actually know we are taping & want to share their own enjoyment with everyone around them. Nice. I was at a concert in May 2006 (The Bravery in Detroit, MI @ The Magic Stick) & there was a skanky blond girl, with her husband who made a spectacle of herself with a lesbian (equally ho-ey chick in her early 20's) right in front of the stage. Enough so that the band commented a few times about the chicks kissing. I was actually rather disgusted to be honest, not the fact that two chicks were locked-lips but that they felt so *important* that they needed to take the focus away from the act performing thereby putting that focus on 'them'. Fucking narcissism. See, that, I think, is what it comes down to; people being too self-centered on their own sense of a good time that they need others to 'feel' their enjoyment. And that is too bad. And disrespectful to Tool. I think that kind of sums up my own perception about people that talk too much at concerts.

"Looks like we are all here let's go" 


<bass drone>
The Pot
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned
Wings For Marie
10,000 Days