Source A:
Solid State Recorder --- DPA 4061> MPS6030 > Edirol R-09 @ 24/48
Transfer: Master (file) > USB port > Goldwave (resample, EQ) > CD Wave > WAV > Nero 6.0
Location: Upper Bowl Seating (@ top), right on Adam's side w/angle view of stage
Taper: Galen
Gen: Master Recording
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes 1 - Taper/Galen - Busted: Sometimes your actions, behaviors & paradigm(s) of reality converge long enough that you are able to do things you thought improbable. Sometimes, you shit the bed (hopefully on a metaphorical level & not a physical one) & you end up being in Cincinnati, OH & have to make a conscious decision on a course of action to rectify a situation. But, I must digress as I am getting quite ahead of myself; I will start from the beginning. I leave my house for the 4.5 hour drive, one-way, to Cincinnati, OH for this Friday show. Now, Tool is virtually the only band that I will drive over 1.5 hours for so if I am going to 'do it', I want to make sure I 'do it' correctly. Managed to get to the venue with plenty of time to spare. Enough time to listen, outside the venue to the echoes of Tool's sound check. This was: Bass, drum (then together), guitar, then MJK for Stinkfist + Jambi. Although it may not appeal to many folks to get to a Tool concert hours early (which is understandable) it is actually more of a relief for me as I would rather be bored, sitting at a Tool show waiting than be stressed out trying to make it on time. Peace of mind. Doors open, I wait a bit & walk back to my 4Runner to get equipped for the performance (i.e.: suit up my taping gear). For the series of 4 Tool shows I was hitting I wanted to try & over-do it, meaning, go for multiple sources for each show which I did, successfully. However, this was my first attempt at running several AUD rigs at one time. Thus I will admit that only Stevie Wonder would not notice a weird bulge in my crotch area. No, I was not that excited about seeing this Tool show, I had: (2) Sony PCM-M1 DAT recorders, (1) Edirol R-09 recorder, (1) DPA battery box, (2) DPA 4061's, (1) Aiwa CM-30 microphone & one Shure microphone. Now believe it or not all that was not terribly obvious as I do have some other techniques, but, still. A security guy kind of looked at me, I asked him why he is staring at my privates (as a joke). I told him that I have one of those new iPhones as I did not want to leave it in my vehicle (note: they were released this date) & he laughed then let me in after a pat-down + security wand. I gear-up in the bathroom stall & walk around. Make my way down to the general admission floor  &, boom, the lights go out as the opening band, Big Business get on stage to make some noise. It's not packed on the floor but there are random Tool fans walking around, no big deal. I notice that there are a ton of security people walking around as well. As I note that the venue is, actually, really small & that the farthest point 'up' on the seating area (not GA) is more like the lowest tier bowl at a venue like the Palace of Auburn HIlls, MI - well I think it is a good time to check my levels. Discreetly, so I thought, I turn on my M1 to see & then tap-tap. Blue light from two security people asking me what is in my pocket. Instinctively, I grab my cell phone from another pocket & quickly place it in my pocket where the M1 is. The security guy does not buy this move & asks me what is in the pocket. We walk to the main gate for the floor (only entrance for floor) when a city police officer walks up as well. Security asks me again, I see the cop & say 'yes I was taping'. He asks for the blank tape, I hand it to him. I see him radio for Tool's security... now, the last thing I want is to meet them especially with 3 more shows to go. I tell security that I am leaving immediately, he rips my floor wrist band off & I walk out. As I do, I turn away as I see Todd Fox walk with a fella named Jon, both with Tool's security (they do not see me). So, I'm pissed. Pissed at myself for being so amateurish at a Tool show. Out of hundreds of concerts I've recorded, I actually get kicked out of my favorite band's show that I drove 9.5 hours for (round-trip). Shit!
Notes 2 - Taper/Galen - 007: I am pretty sure that this next reason illustrates an aspect of my personality, dedication to taping this band & why, in the Swedish language, Galen actually means crazy, mad. No joke on that, actually. Anyway. I got over feeling defeated after about three minutes when I had time to realize what just happened. I walked up to the main, non-GA floor gate on the second level to look around at the crazy lines from security. Police officers walk around, some do searches but mainly making sure order is being preserved. It is important to note that I am still *completely* wired up with my taping equipment. When security took my DAT tape I only gave him one tape as I did not show him that I had a bunch of other taping equipment on me nor did he notice. Since I still had my original ticket, I devised a plan. I realized that there was a good 3-4' of space between the first set of doors & the backs of the security people as they wanded & patted people down. I watched the pattern of how people were searched then walked in, waited in line, then actually gave their ticket to be scanned by someone else before entering the building. I stood there, waiting as I did my best to blend in with people standing in line to buy tickets. When I saw an opening, I melded with other people as they walked through security into the doors. Standing there, heart beating 100 miles a minute, we make our way to the ticket guy who informs me that he will not let me in due to me having a main floor ticket (must use ground entrance - that I was thrown out of). I look at him & say 'sir I really have to use the bathroom, please'. He takes my ticket & says 'come back'. I walk into the bathroom behind him then out the other side, walk to the smoking section & stand there. Catching my breath with nicotine that is. I wait until 5 minutes before 9PM (when the show starts), start my recording gear, put it on hold, walk in the first door I see, (side of stage, Adam's side) & proceed to walk to the very top of the seating area on the bowl (which was not that far away). I sit down with no one around me. The show begins. The end result with this source is definitely my most ambient, live-sounding Tool recording - take a listen to the MP3 sample of Stinkfist. Actually, all things considered, this came out much better than I thought while at the show. Considering that I was kicked out then stealthed my way back in this sounds just fine thank you very much. Standard performance with Stinkfist getting the 'Lil Jon' treatment instead of the soulful scream. Spot-on performance & definitely one of the most memorable solo-Tool-live concerts that I have experienced. You know, something was really funny. MJK kept mentioning iPhones & "Tom" throughout the performance. Listen, you can hear it.

Maynardism / Setlist
: 1:58:45

<bass drone>

"Ok bastards, don't be embarrassing me in front of my band mates, get this right the first time or I'll never hear the end of it. Ready? Round on the end & high in the middle. Rounds on the ends & hihg in the middle. Thank you for not embarrassing me."

The Pot
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned
Right In Two
Wings For Marie
10,000 Days

Thank you Cody. Now clean that shit up. Hey Matt. I bet your iPhone doesn't clean up toilet paper. Matt bought an iPhone (as MJK laughs). Hey Matt they are coming out with a new one tomorrow, it's black & does more shit... makes coffee. Oh. Hi, forgot you guys were here. Hey, great seeing you. Yeah, Chicago was a little bit louder. I meant they smelled louder. You guys are much louder volume, thank you very much"