Source A:
DAT --- DPA 4061 > MPS6030 > Sony PCM-M1 (Oade Mod II) @ 48 kHz
Transfer: DAT-M > Tascam DA-20 > Coaxial > Audiophile 24/96 > Goldwave (resample, EQ) > CD Wave
Location: Floor, Sec 102, Seat 1 (aisle) / Approx: 12 rows from dead center stage
Taper: Galen
Gen: Master Recording
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes: Located in the ultra-glamorous tourist destination known as Youngstown, OH the Chevrolet Centre (where Tool performed this evening) certainly is a sight to behold. Worth the collected 9 hour drive to/from my house? For Tool, perhaps. The staff were so endearing & charming throughout the evening. From the obese, bald-headed, moustache-sporting man riding on a golf cart (while eating a microwave cheeseburger - no, really, I asked him where he got it) who demanded $10 to park to the ever so charming middle-aged, power-hungry (lacking) security men (also with moustaches) yelling at people throughout the performance. Many, sadly, simply looked confused. Met up with a fellow taper friend, Nameloc, at this show for a frosty beverage. Not sure what was in that beer we had (or the zigz) as I must have been out of my mind like Dave (or at this show 'Tom') as in Rosetta Stoned as I swear we heard both Stinkfist + Jambi coming from the venue as we sat in my truck. It's amazing what a beer can do to your sense of space/time but thankfully I did not have to drive until hours later (and I just had 3 beers throughout the night) so it was all fine. After making it into the venue, setting up the equipment for taping, we had some time to reflect on the collected works of Nietzsche & the influence of nihilism in American society (while applying that to the masses in attendance) through the haze of anticipation of seeing the modern day Pink Floyd live, yet again. Good times, good times. This source turned out rather well, in my opinion. Had one of the better seats for a Tool show that I've had the chance to witness to this date. The mix was very well done during this performance & MJK's vocals are very clear in the mix. This is, basically, what a DPA 4961 > DAT recording should sound like. I'm not trying to blow myself or anything in regards to the quality of this recording nor am I trying to sound pompous, simply put, this is pretty much what a DAT + these mics are best at. You like it or you don't. All part of the musical taste. Of course there are the people that yip, the security people that stand looking like rent-a-cops from the 1980's & a drunk-dude who asks me (during Jambi) what aisle I'm in (instead of talking to him, I show him my ticket). As it is, it is what it is.
Notes: Security was very tight this evening. As such, I did not feel comfortable starting my M1 in my seat thus I chose to do it in a stall. Tool were supposed to be on the stage at 9:05pm, however, they did not come on until 9:15pm. Thus since the timing was an issue my Vicarious is cut off right at the beginning. So, I took Nameloc's CMC4U>M100 source to make this a complete recording.

Maynardism / Quote

CD 1
<bass drone>

"Cincinnati got this right.  Let's see how smart you people are. Don't embarrass me. Don't embarrass me. Round on the end, high in the middle. Fucking embarrassing. Should be ashamed of yourselves. You get one more chance then Danny Carey is going to take a big, sticky dump right there in the middle of the stage. One chance. Round on the ends, high in the middle. Round on the ends & high in the middle! Jesus fucking Christ."

(-) ions
The Pot
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned

CD 2

"No flash cameras during this song, thank you. No flash cameras, please. Please, no flash cameras."

Wings For Marie
10,000 Days

"Thanks Cody. Make A Wish foundation runner-up, Cody. Thanks for coming down, buddy, hope that shit clears up. So, uh, I'm not really an authority on hockey, but uh, very, very sorry to hear that the Cavaliers did not make it all the way. I'm just kidding... sorry about that. We'll see you again very soon, swear to Bob. Peace Out."