Source C:
Solid State Recorder --- Edirol R-09 (built in mics)
Location: ?
Transfer: WAV > FLAC
Taper:      Nooc210 (TAPERATEN)
Gen:         0
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes: Although it is cool that the taper shared this recording with some people (note: he did not want it torrented), one could argue that this is at the most an "ok" recording as there are other more high quality sources available but if, at the stroke of 3am you suddenly were freaking out & just had to hear a random performance of a 2007 show & could not find anything else, then this would suit you well. As it is, to me, it sounds sort of like it was recorded in a pocket or something. A sock? I don't know. The overall feel is muddied. It is good that the R09 has the capability of recording with it's own internal mics, however, they are certainly not the best. By any stretch of the imagination. That said, I've had the internal's be a saving grace for me in a pinch because some source is better than no source.

Maynardism / Quote

<bass drone>

"Cincinnati got this right.  Let's see how smart you people are. Don't embarrass me. Don't embarrass me. Round on the end, high in the middle. Fucking embarrassing. Should be ashamed of yourselves. You get one more chance then Danny Carey is going to take a big, sticky dump right there in the middle of the stage. One chance. Round on the ends, high in the middle. Round on the ends & high in the middle! Jesus fucking Christ."

(-) ions
The Pot
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned

"No flash cameras during this song, thank you. No flash cameras, please. Please, no flash cameras."

Wings For Marie
10,000 Days

"Thanks Cody. Make A Wish foundation runner-up, Cody. Thanks for coming down, buddy, hope that shit clears up. So, uh, I'm not really an authority on hockey, but uh, very, very sorry to hear that the Cavaliers did not make it all the way. I'm just kidding... sorry about that. We'll see you again very soon, swear to Bob. Peace Out."