Source E:
Solid State Recorder --- Danish Pro Audio 4061s > MMA6000 w/low cut @ 100hz > Microtrack 24/96 (24 Bit Wav@48Khz)
Transfer: Microtrack 24/96 > USB > CEP2.0(48->44.1 and dithering) > CD Wave > Flac Frontend > Flac[8]
Location: Right Center / Sec 5
Taper: Geordy
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes - Taper: Fourth and final show for me on this US tour. Had the privilege of hanging out with fellow tapers Galen and Jason/nameloc01 before the show. Recording came out pretty well due to the great FOS seats. Other than the GA floor in Jacksonville, this was the closest I was to the stage. Couldn't have asked for a better 'mystery' song for my last show than Flood! Maynard came on stage after Lateralus wearing a Detroit Pistons jersey and spoke quite a bit for a change, so I made that a separate track. Having been just short of getting the entire show on 5/31, I manually created a new track after Flood. There is a small gap of 7 seconds or so until the new file starts with Soundscape 3. I used this as the disc break on the 16/44.1 version.
Notes - Galen: Hmm. All I am going to say in regards to this wonderful AUD recording is that had I not switched over from -20db pad to 0db (which caused distortion when bass hits) I would have hoped to attain a result just like Geordy did. Top quality of a rather decent performance. Tough competition from the alternate sources that other tapers' pulled off - suppose we will have to see what the future will hold - however this one could very well be the best AUD source for this performance. Or maybe it's Nameloc's? Or maybe it is one of the others? Regardless, this is a source that you should burn to CD & rock out.

Maynardism / Quote

CD 1

<bass drone>

"Good evening Northern Ohio. Just kidding, relax. Good evening Michigan. Are you ready to get your socks wet? Assuming you are wearing socks?"

(-) ions
The Pot
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned

CD 2

Wings For Marie
10,000 Days

"Jesus Christ these guys are tall. They should get their thyroid checked out. It's been a pleasure. All kinds of fun stuff. Loud, happy people. A party dress, the works. See you guys in that lovely town, Grand Rapids."