Source D:
Mini Disc --- Soundman OKMII-Rock > battery box > Sharp MT-180
Transfer: MD-M > Tascam MD MKII > Optical > Audiophile 24/96 > Goldwave (EQ) > CD Wave > WAV
Location: Floor / 18 rows from stage / Front of Stack - Left (aisle)
Taper: Galen
Gen: Master Recording
MP3 Sample; Right In Two (entire song): Right click & save

Notes - Sources: Truth be told, I managed to record five different sources for this performance; solo. Meaning, no one brought in stuff for me or taped any of my sources. I did have a little help with getting into the venue; a lucky event. It was more or less just to see if it was possible in the first place; which, it is. I am doubtful that I would ever repeat doing it as it was actually quite a challenge to manage my equipment efficiently. The sources vary in quality with the obvious best-sounding recording being the DPA 4061>M1/oade source. I did actually decide upon the microphones with the recorders before hand. The CSB>R700 MD source is the same set-up I used for a few of the shows back in 2002, the Aiwa CM-30>R09 source was to tape with that classic microphone (there are only a couple of CM-30 sources of Tool around since 1994 for those collector's that may notice) & the Soundman OKMII-R>MT180 MD was simply because there are not a ton of OKMIIR recordings of Tool. A couple people have asked me how I did it, physically or logistically, with all the wires & the like: the answer is that this was my 4th attempt at running multiple sources w/o messing it up. Strange though few collectors or tapers ask why, I suppose, we all understand the mentality on some level.
Notes - Crowd: There is a girl, unfortunately on all of my sources, that screams at random times throughout the performance. I find it to be excruciatingly painful to listen to. Her voice is like a fucking modem. At one point my buddy Ryan turned to her & asked her to please stop yelling as to which she gave him a nasty look. This did stop the screaming for the most part. Now, I truly do not believe in picking on the individuals through no-fault of their own have a cognitive deficit. So, when I say that this girl is retarded I in no way mean to insult those truly born that way... Other than this stupid, retarded woman. In the words of Bill Hicks from a Chicago 1991 bootleg where the crowd turns on him, as he is giving his most disgusting, disturbing material he responds to a female heckler: "Sir, please put your **** in that bitch's mouth to shut her the fuck up."
Notes - Source D: Huh well out of the recordings I pulled, this one may be the least clear or obscured by clouds. It's strange how you can get such vastly different recordings by the microphone alone. In comparison with the CSB>R700 source, also a MD, this source is a bit muddy-sounding. It is bass heavy in the recording that instead of a crisp product, this is more thick. It also sounds like it was taped at a greater distance away from the speakers than it actually was. On the upside, the guitar & kick drum are very pronounced in this mix, however, the vocals have a tendency to be sound like MJK is barely singing when in fact he is loud. I did clean this recording up a bit via EQ via a simple bass reduction, treble boost which did make a positive difference. All in all, this is a decent enough listen & it is what it is. Not too bad though for a source that done for kicks kind of as an afterthought...

Maynardism / Quote

CD 1

<bass drone>

"Good evening Amway. Ok everybody put your hands up. Let's see your hands. Yesterday was Fourth of July. The reason for fireworks is because dumb people will thumbs off leaving them incapable of using cutlery. It's called natural selection, other carnivores will eat them. I see lots of thumbs so most of you get to take the next step. Congratulations, you've just lost your tails. Good evening!"

(-) ions
(Lil' Jon)
The Pot
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned
Right In Two

CD 2

Wings For Marie
10,000 Days

"Thank you Cody. Make a Wish Foundation runner-up; Cody. Near fatal foot disorder. Plug your nose as he passes, good luck with that Cody. It's been a damn pleasure, no shit. I wouldn't lie to ya - or would I? We'll see you again soon, no really. Peace out."