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Notes: I remember this distinctly. On Saturday, July 14th, 2007, my buddy Jon Shirella called me. He was in a random used CD store in Grand Rapids. He had happened upon as he put it "a live show Tool from last week, it looks really fucking rad - figured I'd give you a call, I can pick it up for you". So, he did. Next time I saw him he gave it to me. What it is - it is an incomplete bootleg recording, meaning not only do we not have any idea who the taper is/equipment used/or any pertinent information hinting towards information of this origin. One thing is for certain, had Jon not been at that store who's name I do not know pr had not happened across it, perhaps this source would be lost forever to the archivists - er, me? The front cover is black w/a generic 2006/7ish logo with "07 05 07" over + below logo, generic Rolling Stone-esque clip next to a pic of MJK & the CD has what appears to be like a psychadelc butterfly design & the back has the same design as the CD only with the abridged setlist (which, by the way, does not list Rosetta Stoned or Right In Two). Yes, this is definitely a sanctioned Tool product. Interestingly, it has a price of $7.99 & an in-store date of 07/07/2007. Obviously, this recording was done with a lot of love / sarcasm. As it is, I have a few thoughts. One, selling music is not cool I don't care who you are or who you think you are. Two, this recording (I think) is mini disc sourced as the sound seems like it has had a close shave + the recording is right at 80 minutes. And three, it's a shame that this is incomplete as this is actually a pretty good recording. Here's a question for the uber-Tool-nerd: "Why does Grand Rapids seem to have such a strange relationship w/Tool"? Ooh... webmaster@collectiveunconscious.org...

Time: ~79 mins

<bass drone>

"Good evening Amway. Ok everybody put your hands up. Let's see your hands. Yesterday was Fourth of July. The reason for fireworks is because dumb people will thumbs off leaving them incapable of using cutlery. It's called natural selection, other carnivores will eat them. I see lots of thumbs so most of you get to take the next step. Congratulations, you've just lost your tails. Good evening!"

(-) ions
(Lil' Jon)
The Pot
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned
Right In Two