Source A:
Hi-Mini Disc --- Audio Technica 853S > Mini Battery Module SP-SPSB-6 + Core Sound Cardioids > 3 wire battery module >> Sony MZ-N1
Transfer: analog out > CD Wave > WAVELABS > FLAC
Location: (info not provided)
Taper: bobcat
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes - Taper: I used a double stereo connector and thought id try recording this with both sets of mics i own. I had some techinical (sic) issues with my mini disc for the first 20 minutes or so..i fixed that up as best as possible which took me too much time. u can hear it but its nothing super bad. other then that its a pretty good pull using two sets of mics with a dual stereo jack is the way to go. :)
Notes - Galen: Hmm. Yeah well, retrospectively, I should have gone to this gig. Could have had a floor ticket (I pulled it up when they went on sale) but decided against driving another (total) 10 hours to>from where I live to Hamilton, ON for a 5th Tool show in the span of 11 days. I even checked a few other occasions & was able to score even halfway decent tickets in the stands. However, I decided to not do it. And then look what happens, they bust out the intro to Passage to Bangkok, play Flood & add a cover from The Kids In The Hall series. WTF? Ah well. This recording is quite interesting. The taper used a technique called "real-time matrix" via using two different microphones at the same time. The end result of this is a different sound that basically blends both microphones together. I, myself, have been doing the same type of taping since 2005 (but not for Tool) & it is actually a little bit more of a challenge simply because you end up with more variables to consider. Regardless, nicely done to the taper. As of 08/2007 there are *no* other "real-time matrix" recordings known to exist, thus, this is a first for the Tool live recording community (if I am wrong, please point me towards correcting my assumption). Now there are some technical issues that occur throughout the recording, on + off again. I noticed a couple microphone issues in regards of phasing & at least a few examples of a channel-drop (i.e.: one mic became louder than the other, than a shift back to how it was prior). All in all though... a very pleasant (and unique) capture of one of the more pleasurable (and unique) setlists from this leg of the tour.

"Good evening. As you all know, it is Danny Carey's birthday & he showed up for work."


<bass drone>
(w/Passage To Bangkok - intro)

Rosetta Stoned
Flood - (intro)
Most Days It's Dark / Death Lurks

Wings For Marie (Pt 1)
10,000 Days (Wings Pt 2)