Source A:
Hi-Mini Disc --- Core Sound Binaurals > battery box > Sony MZ-RH100 (PCM mode)
Transfer: SONY MZ-RH910 > Sony Sound Forge 9.0 (Slight EQ) > FLAC.
Location: Sec 6 Row P
Taper: BennyBlanco
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes - Taper: Phenomenal !!!!!
Notes - Galen: Perhaps the 'set list' award for most interesting 'set list' for this tour leg would have to be awarded to this performance when Tool performed both of the 'alternate' 'older' tunes; Pushit & Flood. Alternately, the two other contenders would have to be 07/09/2007 Hamilton, ON & 07/13/2007 QC performances. This was also the last time Pushit was performed during this US leg. The band does appear to be spot-on this evening. The recording sounds, perhaps, a bit better than it should. The vocals are prevalent in the mix & the other instruments have a clear separation between them. That said, this source is slightly muddy with a good deal of crowd noise. Although not the most beautiful CSB recording to surface from this tour it is, however, a very good capture of this most interesting performance. Well, as interesting a performance is with the addition of one song without the subtraction of another... shit, help, I did not do great in my college math classes all those years ago. But you should know what I mean.

"Hey all you drunk bastards... Thank you for coming out to see us...see you soon. Take care of each other and be careful driving. I know you're all drunk so please resist the urge to have sex with a family member."


CD 1

<bass drone>
Jambi [08:03]
Stinkfist [05:41]
Forty Six And Two [07:42]
Schism (ext) [09:49]
Rosetta Stoned [13:03]
Pushit [13:51]
Flood [09:03]
 Intermission [01:43]

CD 2
Wings For Marie (Pt 1) [05:13]
10,000 Days (Wings Pt 2) [11:34]
Lateralus  [18:23]
Vicarious [11:24]