Source B:
Solid State Recorder --- Core Sound Binaurals > battery box > Microtracker 24/96
Transfer: Audacity> Gain +12> WAV> FLAC > Torrent (dimeadozen)
Location: (info not provided)
Taper: ericcagle
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes: I can imagine being at this show & wondering what the hell they are doing right after Pushit... is that Flood? Oh yes it is. Interesting. As it is, this recording is very, very thick or heavy sounding as opposed to being light & refreshing like a Sierra Mist (if you've ever had one, I have not but I am a sucker for marketing ploys, sayings & recently bought the Brooklyn Bridge to boot). I think this recording could have used a bit more EQ to separate the frequencies because, as it is now, it is simply really muddy. No real gentle way to put it. I'm sure that at some point some do-gooder will EQ this source & post a torrent of it somewhere or another. That may be a marginal improvement but it may also just confuse things. For some reason this recording is also incomplete for some reason, a valid reason I am sure, but it still is incomplete. And I think I am tapped out of things to comment on in regards to this particular source.

"Hey all you drunk bastards... Thank you for coming out to see us...see you soon. Take care of each other and be careful driving. I know you're all drunk so please resist the urge to have sex with a family member."


<bass drone>**
Rosetta Stoned

Wings For Marie (Pt 1)
10,000 Days (Wings Pt 2)