Source C:
Solid State --- Edirol R-09 (with built-in mics)
Transfer: WAV 16bit -> USB -> WaveLab (for tracking, fades, slight level boost) -> Trader's Little Helper (for
encoding, checksum) -> FLAC 8
Location: Section 114, Row J
Taper: Dassarri
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes - Taper: Second taping ever, two nights after taping the Albany show. Same setlist, but Maynard was much more on top of his game on this night. Cody from BB on Lateralus again, as in Albany, and was TPed by Maynard and Adam during the song. Hence the "Clean that shit up, Cody". In terms of the actual taping, about ten seconds or so are muffled during Forty- Six & 2 when Security seemed to be looking for someone in our row. I adjusted my recorder (maybe they saw a bit of light?) after quickly letting it disappear in my pocket. Other than that, it was a great night save for this damn bitch sitting right in front of me (am I a little bitter? Yes.) who simply would not shut up. Unfortunately you can hear her annoying laugh and pain in the ass blathering in the recording. I hope she comes to know that everyone in our immediate vicinity was getting really pissed. Even those higher than kites were about ready to put the little effort they'd be able to muster into smothering her.
Notes - Galen: OK well although the Edirol R-09 tends to have some *serious* issues with the line-in, it is rather cool that the little unit has a built-in microphone. The built-in mics are not superb but they do actually get the job done without distortion or brickwall. The sound is at least as good as an upper-end ECM microphone > DAT recording. Not too shabby. This recording is just like that; pretty good but not superb or brilliant based on the limitations of the microphones (which are apparent). The sound is not tinny, per se, but it can sound sort of swishy at times; sort of like a pack of emo-geeks at a Morrissey concert (with their little scarves wrapped around their throats). All in all, pretty decent but there are better sources of this performance available. Oh and the taper was not kidding about the chick in front of him, she is rather annoying.

"Thank you for joining us for our little run through the forest. Please look out for each on the way home. I know that some of you are drunk but please resist the urge to try & have sex with a police officer, it's just not going to work out for you. And many many moons. It's been fun, we'll see you again, soon."


<bass drone>
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned
Wings For Marie (Pt 1)
10,000 Days (Wings Pt 2)