Source A:
Solid State Recorder --- AT U853c > 3wire BB > Church Audio ST-9100 preamp v2.0 > R09 24bit 48kHz
Transfer: Mastering (EQ, compressor, limiter) > Adobe Audition 2.0 fades, track edits > flac 1.1.3 (level 8)
Location: 30m from stage, center
Taper: mrruin
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes - Taper: This show has equalizing, limiting and compression applied to it. In my ears and for my enjoyment it is a definite improvement of my recordings. If you do not crave those techniques on live audience recordings this show may not be for you. Show Notes: This was my fourth time seeing Tool, the third time within about a year and the first time I have been really really disappointed. Now, a few days and a cancellation later, it does not taste as bitter as it did that evening. Something was wrong and you could feel it from the start of the set until the very end. The band was like a limping dog, Maynard never even looked at the crowd once and the others were constantly looking at each other. MJK wasnt singing half of his lyrics and the other half was sung with a thin, strung voice. No, its not my fault or the sound guys that his voice is think and sometimes quiet on the recording. I do not think he had more power than what he showed that evening. To make matters worse the projector screens failed as well during "Rosetta Stoned" and didnt come back until Lateralus. It was somehow bizarre seeing MJK stare at the boot screen of the projector software while he himself needed a reboot so badly. The band messed up a few times as well, like a school band at the end of "Rosetta Stoned" when they were totally off. "Schism" was also really sloppy. On the other hand "Flood" and the Jam before had punch and drive and really pulled out this performance for me. The beatiful lighting and wonderful videos during Lateralus showed us what it could have been. Two days later Tool canceled their appearence at the Frequency festival in Salzburg and it makesp erfect sense to me why they did it. The band needed a break desperately and here is the proof. However I wish they would tone down their touring schedule to allow more quality and not all quantity. I think it is nice to listen to a not so nice gig from one of your favorite bands. It makes you appreciate the ones where they ARE on top of their game that much more. The recording itself is great, more's the pity ;) Enjoy.
Notes - Galen: Man I don't know what to say... hell I said it on other reviews & I'll say it again I suppose... there must be something in the air for many of these non-North American gigs. Some of the AUD recordings just sound so damn spot-on even in less than ideal taping situations. God. It's kind of irritating, as a taper, to hear such a fine Tool recording such as this when you (me) work on getting recordings that sound like this for a Tool show in the States. And, this was not the best Tool performance on any real level. Listening through it, the show has a forced feel to it although if you were a casual fan you probably would not hear what I hear. Well, maybe. It is doubtful that this performance will win any candy from strangers based on it's merit. Shame though, this recording is stellar.

"Thank you very much. Very nice to meet you all, hope to see again soon, thank you, good night."

Time: 114:05


<bass drone>
46 & 2
Rosetta Stoned