Source A:
Hi Mini Disc --- Soundprofessionals CMC-8 > Soundprofessionals SPSB-6 (@16Hz) > Sony MZ-RH1 (@ PCM 16bit/44.1khz)
Transfer/Editing: Sony HiMD > USB2.0 > SonicStage 4.2 > Cool Edit Pro 2.1 > Flac Frontend 1.7.1 Etree Edition (Level8) via (Cool Edit Pro 2.1)
: Last row in front of the tribune - right side of the SBD (direct in line with the hanging speakers)
Taper: DaGobert / ICQ: 165-726-126
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes - Taper: Lost some seconds on Track07 due to the HiMD exchange. Couldnīt check my levels and the jumpers on the spsb6 due to securities while Jambi. The first 1min30 are mono (had wrong settings on the left side). The HiMD had some access error so i lost some other frames on Jambi.. No equalizing has been done!
Notes - Galen: Now you may notice after listening to show after show after show after show some commonalities with the sound such as low vocals, somewhat muddy bass & other associated tidbits of fun. However, this particular source (taper) managed to capture some of the cleanest most clearest vocals from this leg of the 2007 tour. Excellent, superb job. Take a quick listen to the vocals on the RS sample provided, am sure you will be surprised. Just a wonderful job on this recording, all around. Low crowd noise but still definitely a live recording this is one of the best from this leg. Top job. Now as for the setlist, well, it is clear that Tool was *on* during this show (as well as the others from this leg) so I think a lot of people did get a great performance, however, the hardcore fans would've enjoyed a new number or two. Anyway.

"Goodbye. We'll see you soon. Guide safely towards home, and see you soon...!"

Time: 1:45:09


<bass drone>
Rosetta Stoned
Wings For Marie
10,000 Days