Source B:
Analog --- SONY TCM-353V Cassette Corder (recording Mono only, no Dolby) > PHILIPS earplugs (used as Mic) > TDK SA-X 100 (Tape)
Lineage: my own Mastertape > SONY TCM-353V Cassette Corder > Audacity > HDD > editing, mixing and splitting (via Audacity) > FLAC Frontend (Level 7 and tested) > TTD
: balcony, left / middle of stage, Row 2.
Taper: Uninvited94
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes - Taper: *** The Recording ***The one thing I wanted to do was, well, taping a TOOL-show. Maybe just to tell my grand-children one day how their grandpa taped a TOOL-show. The other thing I wanted to do was (and always will be) taping a show with my stuff that sounds superior to a certain Fates Warning-show I have in my collection. As Iīm now listening to my Tape the very first time, Iīm quite surprised how nice this turned out. Without a proper Mic (I did not want to use that SONY Stereo clip-mic again as the recording I did with it sounded way too flat) and an Analog Walkman (recording Mono only) thatīs rather built for recording interviews and stuff. I miss my old Sony WM-F66 I had since 1989. Wonder how that one would have sounded like, never taped a proper show with it. There are some very short drop-outs, only in the quiet Synthie intermissions and the very quiet parts, donīt know how and why this could happen. Probably because I had this "Voice Operated Recording"-button pressed. I apologize for that mistake. Mostly because of these drop-outs Iīd suggest this tape for the completists among the TOOL-traders. There are a one or two crackles when the earplugs touched my leg. And the tape flip was exactly where it never should have been. But you will hardly make out annoying crowd chatter. Donīt ask how the WM and the earplugs were placed. I guess there are still remains of cellotape on my balls. *** The Venue *** A quite small venue (2.000 - 2.500) with a fantastic sound, hardly used for Rock-shows. Totally sold out. Security was tight, but they visibly gave up their no-smoking-zero-tolerance-policy in the second part of the show. *** The Show *** Awesome. After reading some reviews of the latest European shows, I didnīt expect too much, but they were great. Jones messed up some things (well, thatīs Jones), but Maynard was in surprisingly good shape. One of the best versions of "Lateralus" Iīve heard so far, and I heard a few. Not to mention Justin and Danny (and I guess they will split up as Maynard told the audience "See you again soon!!" before "Vicarious").
Notes - Galen: You know for the given source information I was expecting a whole lot worse. Really, for the kitsch-factor this is an interesting recording. Sure there is a layer of pervasive tape-hiss throughout, the vocals are somewhat muddy, the bass is not very noticeable, the drums are distant & you can clearly hear the imperfections but on the other hand this is also a very honest recording. I say honest recording simply because the taper simply wanted to tape Tool with what he had - and he did a fine job at it; all things considered. Not going to win any beauty prizes or anything like that but the recording is an interesting creation. This is definitely the only known analog from this leg of the tour. The sound is reminiscent of a Metallica show I have from 1992 - it was taped on just a walkmen like this - pretty much what it sounds like; rather tinny. As such, this is best left for collector's but please do not let that stop you from checking out this interesting recording.

"Goodbye. We'll see you soon. Guide safely towards home, and see you soon...!"


<bass drone>
Rosetta Stoned

(-> tape-flip when arriving the first verse, missing about 20 seconds)

Wings For Marie
10,000 Days