Source C - 1:
Video --- Canon HV20 (primary source throughout)
Taper C-1: Kurt
Source C - 2: Video --- Sony DSC T100 (Jambi + Stinkfist - only)
Taper C-2: Stanley
Source C-Audio: Hi Mini Disc --- Soundprofessionals CMC-8 > SPSB-6 (@16Hz) > Sony MZ-RH1
Taper C-Audio: DaGobert
Note: C-Audio is also Source A for this performance
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Gen: 1 from Master
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Notes - Taper: Major taping issue of the evening was the extremely vigilant security on the balcony - until Rosetta Stoned there was no cigarette smoker or cell phone taper they would not approach. They relaxed a little in the second half. I wanted to keep taping at all cost, so I put the cam down whenever someone moved and shot blindly most of the time. I'm not sure if it is thanks to the heads in front of me or due to the somewhat dense air but the cam did not behave as well as before, causing long periods of terribly unfocused video and a generally less crisp picture. Thanks go out to DaGobert for his audio and to spoonman for bringing stanleystansfield's material to me. Lossless audio sources of the show are available.
Notes - Galen: I found this to be a very, very fun video. The addition of the tapers' audio makes this video a special treat. There is a bit of mixing between Source C-1 & Source C-2 in the beginning but that is not continuous. This, I believe, is Kurt (the filmers') second project in regards to capturing Tool live. I would say he succeeded in spades. Much like the 08/12/2007 video he did this has some quality captures of the individuals of Tool, Tool the band & Tool the light-show extravaganza. Although there are parts where the camera picks up 'blackness' (obviously a security duck) it would be foolish to imply that this necessary evil is a detractor, it most certainly is not - it is what it is. This is a highly recommended video. I've said it once, I'll say it again: Tool filmers love to live on the edge! Nice work.


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