Source A:
Hi-Mini Disc --- Giant Squid Cardiods > 9V batt box (w/ bass rolloff) > Sony MZ-RH1
Transfer: Transfer: Sony MZ-RH1 > USB > Sonic Stage > WAV
inVINCEcible (inVINCEcible2k3 AT yahoo DoT com)
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes - Taper: This is my 3rd show that I've Seen and taped. Having more practice and a little more experience, This show exceeds my San Antonio and Corpus Christi Taping. Security was tight. Extensive searches And metal detectors were used at the front door. I used my wheelchair again to get pass the front gate and made it safely to our seats. We were seated dead center behind the sound board. Visually and audibly, It was perfect. Besides a friend of mine being a douche yelling my name as i was recording , it came out well. The old ass usher was being a pain and going up and down the isle's with the flashlight getting after fans that were taking pictures with the cell phones. Really lame. Then, some issue of fans having a ticket mix up and several heads came in and check everyone. So almost got busted a few times recording.  Again , there should be an unwritten rule , in which entitles anyone who pays $75 a ticket, and attend a show without having douche bags yack on, about the stupidest shit. I recommend turning around and landing One, right in the kisser. Or, putting boot to ass. Which ever works well.
Notes - Galen: Huh well... I will go on record & say that I am very impressed with this recording. Is this a spectacular achievement capturing something truly unique, interesting & amazing? Yes and no. The performance is good, if not great. But that's not it. It's the microphones. Giant Squid mics are made in Michigan (where I live) & I once bought a pair. Granted, the pair I bought was the omni model but my buddy Ryan did buy the Cardioid model - he did not achieve results like this recording. Hell, neither did I with my old omni's. So, if you are interested in hearing a recording that somehow sounds, at least to me, better than the technical specifications of the microphones would lead you to believe - this recording may be for you. No, it is not flawless & the crowd noise is a bit loud but the taper did a good job... pushed his equipment to the limit! not bad for, what, like $90USD?

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