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Solid State Recorder -- iRiver H10 w/Rockbox [mono]
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Taper: ?
Gen: 0 from Master
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Notes - Taper: In the beginning, I didn't have a ticket for this show. I went down to Prospera Place in -10 degrees celcius hoping I could hear it from the outside. The opening band was Trans Am, I stood around getting asked by scalpers if I wanted any tickets, but I had no money. After waiting around for an hour and a half freezing my nards off, Tool started playing their first song, and by that time the huge line-ups as far as the eye could see getting held up by an intense security frisking (not usual for Prospera Place), a scalper asked me if I was going in. I told him I had no ticket and no money. I guess he was convinced no one would be buying his extra ticket, so he gave it to me! Since the show had just started, the security at the door didn't frisk me as bad as everyone else and I got in no problem. Once I sat down and started taping, some asshole spilled 1/3 of a beer on my leg, but it dried pretty fast. Before the show had even started, 3 cops hauled some chick in her early 20's into a police van. After that people in the lines started throwing empty beer and liquor bottles at the cop cars :thumbsup I did a fair bit of moving around during the first 2-3 songs and as a result there is a lot of farting around at the beginning of the recording. But, the further into the show, the better the sound is, as well as the music and lights/lasers (which unfortunately couldn't be recorded). I hadn't smoked anything in a couple of weeks and the guys beside me generously smoked a few joints with me. The audience was pretty wild, breaking the zap-strapped-together chairs apart to hold them in the air. A few songs in the singer asked everybody to have fun and stop breaking shit, no deaths, etc.
Notes - Galen: Ugh. I am not trying to be insulting but this recording is definitely best left for collectors only. The amount of high end on this makes it almost un-listenable to me. There is next to no bass & the crowd is often shrieking in your ears. Painful. No, there is some distortion particularly during Stinkfist. The sound is unbalanced, loud & abrasive. The crowd is terrible. On a technical level, there are these sporadic & pervasive 'ttthpphts' throughout that are most likely the recorder being moved. That's all I have to say.

Maynardism: "Has the crystal meth worn off yet guys? For fucks sake! I love you. Just be nicer to each other please, no lawsuits, no deaths. We love you."

Time: 90:00



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